Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You Asked For It...Tree Topper Instructions

I have had several people ask me about my tree topper. In fact, I was told to take close-up pictures and "tell us how to do it"! My tree topper always gets attention and I guess that is because I think outside of the box when it comes to topping off the tree. We have 9 foot ceilings in our home. Our tree is probably 7 ft. My tree topper measures 24 inches from the very top to just below the center of the bow. For me, the secret to an interesting topper is to find something unusual to feature in it. You can see last years tree topper here.

This year I bought a few things I would use for the tree, the topper and the wreath (a post about the wreath is coming). I bought the two tall curly things on the left for the base of the topper. I got them at Hobby Lobby in the floral department, not the Christmas department. The two branches that loop (on the right) ended up in my the wreath.

I tried some white and gold twigs with the curly stuff and it just didn't work for me. So, I took one of the three bronze/brown poinsettias (2 on the wreath) and a branch with glittered balls and tried that. I also had a few short glittered picks that almost look like grapes. I put one of those at the bottom to balance the larger twig. Much better, don't you think?

Yes, I was working on the top of an ornament tub, trying to keep from getting stuff all over my carpet. Obviously from the above photo, you can see that my carpet got messy anyway. In the above photo you can see that I have added a bow. I show you how to make a bow here. What I can't show you is that at this point I have left all the long stems on the various floral branches. Once I had them the way I wanted them, I wired them together with thin, flexible wire. After I made the bow, I attached it with wire to the stems. We are almost done.
Before putting the topper on the tree, I used heavy wire cutters and trimmed the bottom of the stems from the branches to about 10 inches or so long. I put the topper at the front of the top of the tree and insert the stems down into the center of the tree for added support. Then, I wire it to the top branches of the tree. Don't try to put this on that one lone stem that sticks up from the top of a fake tree, you need to move it down far enough that you are wiring it to a group of stems so that it will stand up straight. There are a couple more tricks that finish it off. You can see in the above photo that once I had it up, I added 2 more bunches of the "grapes" to even things out. One is just below the center of the bow, the other to the right of center. They aren't attached to anything, I just stuck them in the tree.
I always make 2 more bows, the same size as the one on the front of the topper (3 if the back of your tree shows). I wire them to the side of the top of the tree so that they blend in with the front bow. You can see both sides of my tree in the above photos. This gives the tree topper the look of actually covering the entire top of the tree, instead of simply propped on the front. This is really a good finishing touch no matter what kind to topper you put on your tree.
It also completes the look if you match your wrapping paper to the theme of the tree. This year I was using paper I already had, but luckily it worked. I am using the brown bows on packages that are going to one part of the family, gold on the ones that are going to the other. It makes it so much easier when it is time to sort the gifts.
I hope this helps. I will be happy to answer questions. If I'd known I was going to do a tutorial, I would have taken more detailed pictures. It really isn't a difficult project, I promise.


Tammy@InStitches said...

It is really pretty ! I think my son would be upset if I didn't use our angel that his Great Aunt gave us. One day........

Mari @ Once Upon a Plate said...

Beautiful inspiration Sue! I love the non-traditional tree toppers too.

Thanks for helping me get into the spirit. It's always such a treat to come visit with you here. ((hugs)) ~m.

Relyn said...

I love the bronze and turquoise. It's one of my favorite color combinations. Of course, I'm mostly amazed that your tree is up. Sheesh! Our decorations are still in the attic.

Michelle@Sweet Something said...

Hi Sue, your tree looks wonderful! I love this color combination and I have actually used in the past, but this year I went totally monochromatic, except for the "family tree"...the "me tree" is monochromatic! :)

I work for a wonderful family owned business in Southwest Missouri and it is ginormous! We carry furniture, lighting, artwork, accessories, candles, bedding, linens, dinnerware and glassware, just to name a few. :)

I'm glad you are enjoying the Tree A Day tours! Honestly, I am getting a little bored...so I've got a couple more trees to show and I'll start in at home, which is more fun! :)
I love hearing from you!

Holly said...

That is beautiful. Thanks for showing us how you did it. I have been thinking about something like that for this year.

Holly @ 504 Main

Patty Benedict said...

Sue...it's really beautiful and classy!
Thank you for posting photos!!!

Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

That has to be the most beautiful tree topper I have ever seen!

As you know I've been off blogging, so I had to read back and see what you've been up to. I love Cracker Barrel for eating and shopping, your soup tureen is gorgeous, as well as your tablescape.

But my favorite is the memory jar! That is so clever and what a wonderful gift to make for my kids and granddaughter. We are being very frugal this year and this is exactly the type of craft I've been looking for. Thanks Sue!

Someone's Daughter said...

As usual I love the tree this year...I don't think my little tree will look nearly that good...now I wonder if any of those presents under the tree are for me?

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

SD-I would guess there might just be something under the tree with your name on it! See you soon:)

carissajade said...

That's beautiful!! If I had a tree, I would definitely give that a go... but I'm pretty sure I couldn't pull it off! So crafty!

dee dee said...

Thanks for the instructions! Once again your toppers (both years) are stunning!
Dee Dee

Life Laugh Latte said...

Amazing and so beautiful. We have an angel that I don't really love...but the kids do. So that goes on our big trees. I purchase a set of fake two foot tall trees that came in a box with 3. In each bedroom and in the family room I have the set of three in a scene of snow. I was thinking of doing a miniature version of your big tree topper for those trees. OOOO...getting excited. Wish I could have you over for a hot cider and personal lesson. Holly

Stephanie @ A Fine House said...

Wow! Spectacular. I have a star on my treetop and added a big bow to it, but I love how you create your own. I might have to try this with my other tree which isn't up yet.

Pat said...

Absolutely beautiful! You did a wonderful job on your tree, wreath, packages, etc. The colors are so different and so gorgeous.

Sandra said...

Hi Sue! First, thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. I had to come look at your pictures of your tree too! I love love it! Wow! Your tree looks stunning! I loved it so much that I hope you don't mind that I become a follower. I also hope that you come visit my blog again and make yourself at home there. :)

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Hello! May I link to your post from my blog? I am making a little post about my tree topper tricks. Although nothing as gorgeous as yours! I'll definitely give your photo credit and a back link! I used similar colors last year! And my ribbon is very much like yours!

Hope you'll visit and drop me some comments!

Melissa at Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

I finally did that post! Sorry it took so long! Merry Christmas,


Sue said...

The tree is beautiful!

Meow Opre said...

Hello. Have you already decided for your Christmas tree topper this year? Hehehe. I am also scouting for something new, unique and really attractive so my guests would be impressive. Keep sharing and bookmarked this helpful page. :D Merry Christmas in advance