Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not Your Grandma's Potato Salad

     I've been trying to find ways to lighten up some favorite comfort foods. When I saw a lighter version of potato salad in Southern Living Magazine lately, I decided to try to make something similar. 

2 pounds new potatoes, cut in large cubes and boiled until tender in salted water.
2 T. vinegar
1 T. olive oil
1/2 cup light sour cream
1/4 cup light mayonaise
1 T. brown spicy mustard
salt and pepper
1/2 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup fined sliced carrots
1/2 cup sliced radishes
1/2 cup sliced cucumber
1 T. lemon zest

Drain boiled potatoes and place in large bowl.
Drizzle on vinegar and olive oil and toss. Cool for 1 hour.

In separate bowl add sour cream, mayonnaise and mustard.

Add chopped vegetables, lemon zest, salt and pepper, mix well.

     Fold veggie mixture into cooled potatoes and chill before serving. We really enjoyed this salad. I would probably leave out the lemon zest next time simply because I didn't think it added to the flavors. The soft potatoes and the crunch of the veggies was a great combination and a nice change from regular potato salad.

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

That does sound good - thanks for sharing the recipe. I have not made potato salad in a long time, and the commercial ones are not so tasty.

Pondside said...

I like a little extra 'crunch' in my potato salad - this looks great!

Blondie's Journal said...

The sour cream sounds like a nice addition and the cucumbers sound refreshing. Thanks, Sue!!


Lynn said...

That does sound good Sue, love the mustard in it:@)

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

looks yummy! You are keeping me busy trying these new recipes LOL

Cass @ That Old House said...

Looks delish! Love the idea of the crunchy veggies tucked in there.

Jacqueline said...

Reminds me of a potato salad I have been planning to make all summer. I love the crunch! I just love a great potato salad!

Patrice said...

Sounds delicious! I like sweet relish in my potato salad, too...

bj said...

Sounds good, Suz.
I am really funny about potato salad. I either love it or hate it. I like mashed potato salad better than chunks (Mr. Sweet thinks I'm nuts), I don't want it too sour or too sweet...I like CLAUSEN pickles in mustard..real mayo..
cheese, bacon, sweet peppers (not bells) fact, I think I am just too dang picky to eat potato salad...
but I am going to try yours. The crunchy veggies sound really good.
xo bj

koralee said...

Yum my friend...Love potato salad..this one looks amazing. Hugs to you.

D. Jean Quarles said...

What an interesting salad. Yes, it looks like a must try.

bj said...

Hey, Suz...coming back to say I am having a giveaway that you might like..come by and bring your potato salad...I have some, too.:))
xo bj

Emmanuel Ali said...

Thanks for your recipe. It is really very creative and I am waiting to try it soon.

Jenny said...

We love potato salad. This sounds like a delicious variation!

Ricki Treleaven said...

How in the world did I miss this recipe in Southern Living???? I am so happy you posted this. I am bookmarking it because this is like a veggie salad with potatoes. We will like this one.

I am back from my break, and I have missed my favorite blogs!!!

Ricki Jill