Monday, April 29, 2013

Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival (part 2)

If you missed part one of the Flower and Garden Festival,
 you can see the pictures by clicking here.

     New this year because of the film Oz: The Great and Powerful, was this clever children's play area complete with a yellow "brick" road and a field of glass poppies.
Who knew? I'm not doing it.

     We have been in the butterfly house at prior festivals, but the fairies were all around this year and I fell in love with them!

We always have to stock up on our Twining's teas
 and the Tea Garden has such sweet things in it.

Gardenia was my mom's favorite flower.
I had to stop, smell and take a picture for her.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival (part 1)

     The nice thing about writing a blog post about the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, is that I really don't have to write much. The pictures do the talking. We actually went to Epcot the day after the Boston bombings. I will admit to feeling guilty going to a theme park when so many people were suffering. It was also very eye-opening that as we entered the park, we immediately saw an officer with a security dog. In our many, many trips to Walt Disney World, we have never seen them sweeping the parks with dogs before. It is one more reminder of how much our country has changed and how it truly feels as if nowhere is safe anymore. How sad for all of us.

     Now that I have you depressed, I think I'll let the pictures make you smile. Some things were new this year, some are old favorites and all of them are simply amazing!

More to come.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Luke is Home, And....

     I think his mother said it best on her Facebook page...Tonight, we would like to tell Luke's Prayer Warriors and supporters how proud we are of you! All of you have been Amazing! You know how you have been praying for Luke to be cancer free and for those abnormal cells to disappear? Our/Your prayers were answered! Those abnormal cells disappeared! Thank you, God! Luke is cancer free! Thank you, God! Thank you, Prayer Warriors! Luke's doctor called me on our way home to tell us the final results were back from the Pathologist and that everything was Normal. Thank you, God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Luke finally having his favorite
lasagna from our local yummy pizza place.
     I have several posts that I want to share with you from our recent trip, but they can wait. Nothing is more important than sharing the news of our little friend Luke (read his story here) and his family. So many of you have been supportive, said prayers and followed his story as I have shared it with you. On Monday, 100 days post-transplant, Luke and his mother (and little sister) were able to come home and join his dad and big brother. This family has been through things that most of us can't imagine and it was such a joyous feeling to know that they were finally all together again.
     Then, came the big news yesterday...his tests all came back clear and the cancer is gone. His blood type is now that of his donor (isn't that interesting) and while he still can't be around a lot of people and will be taking medication (for life I think), he feels great, his hair is coming back and other than a little puffiness in his face...he looks like the Luke we all knew before he was sick.
     This town has been unbelievable in their support of this young family. Strangers have been unbelievable too. This little boy has touched the hearts of many and while this journey is not over and has had terrible moments for the family, I have no doubt that they would tell you that their hearts have been so touched by the generous spirit of others. I also know that they will be the first to give back in many ways.
     Please continue to pray for Luke and for his family as they try to find "normal" once again and he continues to become stronger. His family and I thank you so much for your
The winner of my recent CD Giveaway was Dee Dee from d dzine.

Monday, April 22, 2013


We just got home last night from a week in Orlando.
Today is a day filled with laundry, mail and unpacking.
I'll be posting lots of pictures and visiting
your blogs in the next couple of days!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Time for a little music...GIVEAWAY!!

      Those of you that read my blog regularly know that I do love my music! I'm always happy when I am contacted to review a new CD (although I do turn down the ones I know I won't enjoy). I was intrigued when I was contacted by Sneak Attack Media to listen, review and giveaway a copy of the new TV Soundtrack from NCIS Los Angeles. Many of you will know this as the CBS hit series which stars LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell. It focuses on a division of NCIS that is charged with apprehending dangerous and elusive criminals that pose a threat to the nation’s security. It is on Tuesdays, 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT. 

     I wasn't sure what the soundtrack would be like. Released by Artists’ Addiction Records, it is a specially produced soundtrack album showcasing music from the hit television series. The compilation features new, exclusive—and in some cases previously unreleased—tracks from some of today’s top artists, including series star and Grammy Award winner LL Cool J, Taio Cruz, Alex Clare, Jakob Dylan, Daughtry, Allen Stone, Ryan Bingham, Ice Cube and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. 

One of the soundtrack’s breakout tracks is from emerging Dutch songstress Caro Emerald, who has been called the ‘Dutch Adele. The soundtrack producer, Mark Wike, says "this soundtrack album encapsulates the myriad of musical pulses that flow through the City of Angels. From the folky canyons, down through the night clubs of Hollywood, to the urban sprawl, it has it all."
     This music is definitely current and gritty. My favorite song is Daughtry's Never Die. It is easy to imagine that these are the songs of NCIS: LA. You can listen to the album on Rolling Stone Music, click here.
     If you would like a chance to win a copy of the NCIS:LA Soundtrack, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me you are interested. I will pick a winner on April 23rd. Good luck!
NCIS: LA Track Listings*
 1. Never Die (Daughtry)*
2. Wine & Vinegar (The Wild Feathers)*
3. Lipstick On His Collar (Caro Emerald)
4. No More (LL COOL J feat. Ne-Yo)
5. Shotcaller (Taio Cruz)*
6. Alive (Adrian Lux feat. The Good Natured)
7. Everythang’s Corrupt (Ice Cube)
8. Mama Gonna Punish You (Allen Stone)*
9. Devil In The Back Seat (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)*
10. Lonesome Valley (Ryan Bingham)*
11. Shuffle A Dream (Little Dragon)
12. Where Is The Heart? (Alex Clare)*
13. Arms Of A Ghost (Jakob Dylan)
14. Misery (The Gaslight Anthem) *
15. Your Next Move (Zac Brennan)
16. Kerosene (Jim Hanft)
* previously unreleased in North America

About Artists’ Addiction Records
Artists’ Addiction Records, formed in 2005 by Principal Jonathan Scott Miller, encompasses Artists’ Addiction Music Publishing and Stop! Go music supervision. The multifaceted company’s mission is to bring consumers and clients the finest in branded entertainment, soundtrack production and music supervision. This includes soundtracks to contemporary films and television shows, album releases from known artists, soundtrack production and music supervision of various high profile films, television and commercials. Past projects include Saw 1-6, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, NCIS, 90210, Stomp The Yard and Charmed.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Zoe was a very sick girl...

     That slow, organized week that I had hoped for...just hasn't happened yet. I wanted to share this information about our Zoe, because it was completely unexpected and could happen to any of you who own dogs.
     Zoe is now almost 19 months old. Late Monday afternoon we took her in for her yearly shots for Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella. We brought her home and she was just fine. She ate her dinner, played with her toys and had her normal evening routine. We put her in her bed about 11:00 p.m. and I did notice that she was a bit restless, but we thought she was probably just sore from the injections.
     Our morning routine is that my husband brings her into me at 6:00 and she curls up on the throw next to me and we go back to sleep until 7 (well, she does). Yesterday, he brought her in and she slept a while then sat up quickly and started to throw up. I got her outside, my husband took over and she was sick a few more times even though she hadn't eaten anything. By the time I got out of the shower and came in the living room, she was completely covered with huge red spots...everywhere. We immediately called the vet and were told to bring her in. In the car we literally watched as her face was swelling. By the time we got to the vet, her face was so swollen it had that round, puppy look again and her eyes were just slits. I was seriously worried that her throat was going to close off and we would lose her. This was all happening at 7:30 yesterday morning, more than 14 hours after the shots.
     The vet gave her a steroid injection and Benadryl. He also kept her, saying they had to get this reversed quickly. We were told to call at 3 and see how she was doing. By the time I called, she was better and able to come home. Her face was normal, her spots were mostly gone except for those around her neck and other than being a bit slow and tired from the Benadryl, she seemed to be almost normal. She was very thirsty and steroid shots make them lose a bit of bladder control, but that will pass in a day or two.
     This was truly a frightening experience because it was all happening so quickly. It is possible for a dog's (or human's) windpipe to close from the swelling, so if this had happened while we were sleeping...the outcome could have been tragic. Our vet said that it is unusual for a dog to have a delayed reaction like this, but a friend told me it happened to her dog the day after shots as, it happens. It obviously also happens to dogs who had no reaction in the past since Zoe had the same shots last year and did just fine.
     She is still a bit "off" today, but has had a dose of Benadryl and seems distressed to be "leaking" a bit as she is housebroken and you can tell she is confused about that part. I'm keeping her either on my lap or in her kennel to protect the house and just to baby her a bit. She doesn't mind the extra TLC at all!  There are things they can give a dog to prevent this from happening again and we will certainly be taking care next year to protect her. I thought it was worth sharing as so many blog readers are dog owners.
     We are waiting for a storm system to come through later today. They have mentioned everything from hail, tornados, lots of rain, snow and dangerous winds. I hate storms, I get really scared, so I'm on high alert!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Old black water, keep on rollin', Mississippi moon, won't you keep on shinin' on me

     Last week was a busy week for us. In the midst of the busy, on Wednesday night I got to do something that was on my "bucket list"! I finally, after decades, got to see the Doobie Brothers right here in my own town. To make it even better, two good friends made the drive from our old hometown to go to the concert and then we had a sleepover at my house. My husband grew up with Doobies music too, so he went to the concert but he went to bed long before we did. We were up until almost 3:00 a.m. catching up on our kids, friends and life in general. Between the concert and the girls...I felt 17 again...until later the next day when I ended up going to bed at 9:00 p.m. If only our bodies could stay as young as our heads and hearts!
     Many of you that read my blog are about my age, so I know you are very familiar with the Doobie hits. The Doobies formed in 1970, so for me...all of my high school and college memories are set to the backdrop of their hit songs. Listen to the Music, Jesus is Just Alright, China Grove, Long Train Runnin', Black Water, Take Me In Your Arms and Takin' It To the Streets all bring back memories of high school dances and smoky college bars with small dance floors. When they struck the first chord of the first song, I was smiling from ear to ear and it didn't stop for the entire night.

     Original members Patrick Simmons and Tom Johnston (the voices of the Doobies) are still with the group, along with John McFee who has also been with the group since the 70's. It is so refreshing to see a group that can play their instruments, can truly sing and were literally "jamming" on stage. Keyboard, sax, violin...they do it all and every song was amazing. This was a rock concert at its best...they played their old hits and a few new songs from their last album. The crowd was on their feet and a good time was had by all. If you ever get the chance to see them...take it!

     For you "young ones" that read my blog and want to know more about this band, click the song links above or visit their website. We baby boomers really do know how to rock and roll!

Hopefully, this week I will have a
bit more time to visit your blogs!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Scattering Spring Around the House

Little touches of Spring show up in the kitchen...

And on the spool cabinet...

And on the dining room table...
I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!
I guess it is time to put the eggs away.
I want to thank you all for your comments
and private messages on my last post.
I am joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch
for Met Monday
I am joining Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life
for Table Top Tuesday