Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Gift from the Heavens

     We were in the car at sunrise this morning. Everything was frost covered and quiet. The sky was clear with a hint of pink. As we got on the interstate, we saw the most beautiful sight. Lucky for me, my camera was within reach. The picture was taken from our moving car and has not been altered in any way.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's Black and White and Red All Over?

     When I saw these Royal Stafford plates at HomeGoods in October, I fell in love with them. I didn't just want to set the table with them, I wanted to live in that house with the wreath on the door. I always love black and white dishes. The subtle hints of red and green really make this pattern special.

     I paired them with red and white Pottery by Santa large dinner plates/chargers and simple black plates from Walmart. Charcoal flatware and black with silver placemats finish the look. I tied red napkins into a Christmas bow for an unexpected (and easy) look.

     The centerpiece starts with a feather wreath surrounding a sparkling tree and crystal candlesticks at various heights. A strand of tiny LED lights and my silver and white shell balls fill in the spaces.

A favorite Christmas platter, an angel and
a sprinkling of snow and the table is done!

It is always nice to send your guests home with a little treat.

Every holiday table needs a silver sea urchin, don't you think?

I hope you are all enjoying the season and taking time to stop and appreciate all the sights and sounds. It is so easy to get lost in the rush and stress. I really think time speeds up in December!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Little Old, A Little New

     With two library tables in my living/great room, I always have a space to put favorite seasonal decorations. This is the library table that sits behind our loveseat and you see it as you walk in our front door. This table belonged to my paternal grandmother.

     I didn't change much on the spool cabinet that we brought home from my in-law's house. A simple reindeer and a hint of aqua ribbon is all that was necessary.

     The coffee table got a bit of bling in the form of jewel tone "disco ball" ornaments. There was an unexpected surprise from these new Hobby Lobby ornaments. On the days when we have sunshine (which have been few), the entire room lights up with brilliant color for a short while. It is magical.

The Jolly Old Santa Claus book is a favorite treasure of mine.

     It was published in 1958 by Ideals Publishing and it was such a treat when I was a child and this book came out of hiding for the year. I was always fascinated by the two pages that showed the elves making the glass ornaments in the big fireplaces. The rich colors and details impressed me as a toddler and still take my breath away today. I recently found out that this book  has become valuable, but I'd never part with mine.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Crafting and Concerting!

     I think that most of you that read my blog on a regular basis know that I don't "craft". I work with florals, I cook and on rare occasions I attempt a bit more...but, I'm not very good at it. So, for me to actually make something is a big deal! When we were in St. Charles, MO I saw something in a shop that I liked. I just wasn't willing to pay the price that was being asked, so I decided to attempt to make something similar. I didn't take any pictures of their version, but I'm happy with mine. It is probably better that I can't see what the original looked like!

     It starts with an old book. I bought mine at Goodwill and I looked for one with rough edges on the pages. I brushed a little tea along the pages to darken them and make them look more worn.

The little mouse I bought for $6.99. I loved it that he was
reading The Night Before Christmas!

     I couldn't find any wrapping paper that looked like old Christmas paper, so I bought a large gift bag and cut it to make a book cover. I left the long edge exposed, and folded the paper at the top and bottom edges of the book as if I were wrapping a gift. A touch of the glue gun held the paper in place. Brown kraft paper was burned around the edges (do this over the sink, I had to turn on the water to put out a couple of fires) and the beginning  words of The Night Before Christmas were printed on it before attaching it to the covered book with Mod Podge. After attaching the wording, go over the entire front of the book with Mod Podge and add a hint of glitter if you want to.

I tied a bit of twine around the book and added the mouse
to the top with a drop of hot glue. Easy!

     Saturday night we went to see Lee Greenwood's Christmas Concert at our local theater. Over the years I've enjoyed a few Lee Greenwood songs, but I think in recent years he has mostly been known for singing God Bless the USA at various important events. Knowing that he sang it right after 9/11 for the firefighters and police made it even more of an honor to be in the same room with him when he sang it. The entire audience (sold out theater) stood during the song. It is certainly no wonder that Lee has won many awards, his voice is like velvet.

     He has a new Christmas album and one of my favorite songs was Til The Season Comes Around Again. Click here if you'd like to hear it. If you get a chance to see him in concert, I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter Birds

The winter birds have gone back again
Here the sprightly chickadee, gone now is the willow wren
In passing greet each other as if old, old friends
And to the voiceless trees it is their own they will lend.

Winter Birds-Ray LaMontagne

     The dishes were an October purchase at HomeGoods. They are Global Design Connections by Kate Williams. They will be our everyday dishes for the winter.

     My focal point (and favorite piece) for this table is the beautiful red and white blown glass vase. It was a gift from my daughter for my birthday. It is so heavy and I love how the glass is blown with a few "polka-dots" in places. I used another vase inside of it to hold the flowers. I just wasn't ready to actually put water in it!

     I just bought the flatware at a Bass Pro Shop last weekend. I opted to buy four place settings with the pinecones and four with the deer and mix them for a unique fall/winter look.

     I think this pair of candle holders would be called hurricanes. They are in two pieces, the candlestick and the larger piece. My husband found them last week when he stopped at an estate sale. He paid $5 for the pair and they are beautiful. I have no idea what company or pattern they are-anyone know?

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