Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Here Comes...the Wedding!

     I know, I know...I have been the worst blogger in the world lately, but you should all be thanking me for staying away. I can barely speak in complete sentences, much less write them! My daughter's wedding is very soon and for those of you that have been through this, you will understand when I say that it is "all wedding all the time" around here. I have given up sleep, it seems as if the moment I close my eyes I start thinking of things we need to check on or do.

     Weddings used to be simple. I know my mother would disagree if she were here. I do remember how stressed she was for mine, but it was three days after Christmas and she still had a young teen at home who expected a real Christmas. I had a lovely wedding, but we didn't have a destination, favors, a fancy dinner, a DJ, or a photo booth and people simply signed the guest book and found their own seat somewhere. We sent out invitations only, no "save the date" and no web page. Well, times have changed.

     This wedding is going to be more fun than mine was, there is a beach involved and cupcakes (2 of my favorite things). However, helping to plan a wedding when you are 1000 miles away from your daughter and also planning all the things you need to take with you has almost driven me crazy. Let's just think about the shoes...flip flops for the beach, work-out shoes, walking shoes, flats, shoes for the long dress, shoes for the cocktail dress and I guess I will more than likely need my boots on just to leave my house! It might be hot, it might be, jackets, coats, long-sleeves, short-sleeves, panty hose aren't in style anymore but if it is cold they might be necessary...throw them in the suitcase! 
     Luckily, most of the table d├ęcor is provided by the resort and the florist, but not all of it...some of it is here, grab another box for that! Old, new, borrowed, it and the jewelry...mine, hers and remember we have two brides, add some more! Reservations are being made, dinners being planned, hair appointments, make-up and nails...all in a town that none of us live in. Can you see my brain spinning?
     Actually, we are good to go. My daughter got her gown back from being altered today and she says it is perfect. The ceremony is planned, everything is booked, my family is coming and almost all of their friends are able to make it. We are excited and ready to just have a good time. Of course, after this winter in Illinois, the fact I will be somewhere warm is certainly a plus!
     I really have had very little to blog about anyway. I haven't decorated a thing or set a table. We haven't been able to go anywhere because the weather has been terrible and I have only been cooking plain comfort food. We did escape one nice day to Alton, Illinois to see if we could find any of the eagles that come there in the winter. It was cold, but sunny and we were lucky to find a few of the majestic creatures.

We also had a wonderful lunch at My Just Desserts.

We both had the chicken casserole.

     They had so many desserts to choose from. My husband had the bread pudding and I had the apple praline pie with cinnamon ice cream. Both were just perfect. We will certainly go back there again.

So, wish us luck and good weather!
I am sure there will be pictures to follow!