Wednesday, August 31, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

     For years, I have looked longingly at glass floats in antique shops and in magazines. On Sunday, my husband stopped at an auction on the way home from picking up Sunday papers and he found a box of 5 floats on one of the tables. He had me come take a look and then he went back to the auction and they are mine! My favorite is the aqua one that shows a the most wear and tear, but the mixed colors work well in my house. For now, they are in this tall glass vase to keep me from breaking them.

     I am a blue jean baby. I live in jeans in the cooler months. Some years are better than others for me for jean styles. This year, I'm in love with the dark denim and the very slim, straight legs. I bought 3 pair at 3 different stores, so I have my fall/winter uniform ready to go!

     Move over Jon Bon Jovi, Adam Levine is my new rock and roll crush. Even I don't understand it. He is young, thin, covered with tattoos and he won me over completely as a judge on The Voice. I've always loved the music of Maroon 5, but now...I love Adam too.

     In the spring I got a gift of a Keurig coffee maker. Love it! My husband will not give up his Mr. Coffee, so this baby is all mine and I use it 3 or 4 times a day. I have k-cups for tea, coffee, apple cider and iced tea with hot chocolate coming in the near future. This machine really is one of my favorite toys. 

     I hate to admit my new guilty pleasure...the train wreck known as Dance Moms. I stumbled on this television show by accident and I couldn't stop watching. The loud, mean dance teacher and the whiny, competitive moms just sucked me in. I'm so horrified by the way they behave and the message that they send to their children and yet I keep watching every Wednesday night. I am thrilled to say that I have never been, nor do I have friends who ever behaved like these crazy women!

     Fall colors! I am really not a fan of orange, but this time of year when the fall flowers and Halloween decorations start showing up in the stores...I can't wait to start putting things together for the front door and the porch. Here is a peek at my color choices for this fall.

     I never go anywhere without a granola bar of some kind in my purse. When I get too hungry, I get sick. Since many of them don't taste all that great, I was thrilled to find these little squares from Nature Valley. With only 80 calories and a nice crunch, they are just perfect for when you need just a little "something".

So, what is making you happy these days?

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Sophie said...

Oh, I have been thingking about one of the Keurig or Tassimo machines for a while now. I am not a huge coffee drinker since I finished college and a brewed pot is totally wasted on me, but I love having specialty drinks and tea.

And I saw an episode of Dance Moms, Crazy!

The other guy on The Voice had me all hot and bothered, but I heard he just got married :/

Oh, watch for an email from me please. I have something on my mind that has kept me up for days and I need a fresh perspective.

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm not sure what floats are, but they are pretty grouped together like this!

We have a Keurig one cup here and at the lake. I like it for a quick cup but usually I have a pot on all day {I am a BIG coffee drinker}. I have to try the tea and cider. Do you order them or do you have a store? Target has a limited choice and most times my hubby picks up a carton from Macy's.

Love, love, love Adam Levine, and your jeans are really cute!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I like your floats and they are pretty in the vase. I have seen some of the large ones before and they are pretty pricey. I need to check out the granola thins - sounds like something I would like. Have never watched the Voice or Dance Moms. I am not a fan of orange either.
I have a brand new Krups (gift) never used, but keep using my old reliable Mr. Coffee that needs to be replaced soon.

mountain mama said...

oh, i love fall colors too! i've heard great things about those coffee makers, we don't drink it so i just have to hear about it! ;)

Barbara F. said...

Sue, I really want a Keurig, but I have a perfectly good Cuisinart and I can make just 2 cups if I wanted, so can't justify it, but I would enjoy the cider and hot chocolate, as long as there wasn't too much sugar. I haven't watched Dance Moms as I watch a few other train wrecks that I enjoy ;-) but I really don't like that mean teacher, she is so unprofessional. xo

bj said...

hmmm...nice to know some of the things you love. I've wanted to try the little thins..they sound really good.
Son and daughter both have the same beverage thingy you have. I am looking for a coffee maker that make only 4 cups...:)

Madelyn said...

Dear Sue, Your post made me smile. I love Classical music (I am listening now), I love cool mornings and basil stems rooting and lettuce seeds sprouting---Well, that's just today!!! Have a good one.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I love hearing what makes other people happy!! I ahve so many pair of jeans it is crazy so NO NEW ones this year! I wear the boot cut with boots cause I am "vertically challenged"!!!!I wear black jeans ALOT in the winter. They are my uniform. We have a Keurig but I don't drink cofee so my hubby uses it. I am HAPPY to hear they make cider! I am getting some soon!!!! Today I am happy that it has been a lazy day and my sweet hubby just went to the grocery store for me so I din't have to get dressed!!!! XO, Pinky

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Your favorite things are great, Sue! I love those floats!!

xinex said...

I love your glass floats, Sue. Love the colors! Shopping always makes me happy especially if I find something I really like at a bargain....Christine

LindyLouMac said...

Never heard of the TV programme, maybe not on in Europe. I live in jeans in the winter as well, glass floats, great I want (sorry would like) some now :)

BrightenedBoy said...

*I had never heard of glass floats before. They look really pretty and the history behind them is fascinating. Do you know if yours are replicas or not?

*I'm also in love with blue jeans. I need to buy some new ones, but I've had to watch my money lately what with it being my final semester of college and my not having a job.

*Something about Adam Levine has always kind of annoyed me, but I've been told we have similar singing voices.

*I'm so taken with the Keurig machine. I never really understood how to work the older coffee makers and this system is so much easier.

*Those parents should be ashamed of themselves for subjecting their daughters to that kind of emotional abuse for the sake of TV airtime.

*I really can't wait to see when your Fall decorations are up in full force.