Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Coffee is On!

     For my birthday in October, my dad gave me 8 snack/dessert plates and coffee sups. He found them at a local resale store in Florida. I thought it was so great that I even have my dad looking at things for my tablescapes. I thought that they would be perfect for a simple breakfast of scones, fruit, juice and coffee. I started the table with a crocheted runner that a good friend gave me. I told her that it is just "on loan". Now that she will see how pretty it is on the table, I think she should come get it back and use it on her gorgeous table.

     Placemats and napkins are kept very simple. I opted to avoid using color, so that the colors of the fruits on the dishes would stand out.

I used sprigs of faux raspberries and blackberries along the runner.

     The centerpiece is a crystal bowl filled with sparkling fruits. The bowl was a recent giveaway win from Bonnie @ Creative Decorating on a Budget.

     The fruits in the bowl I found at my mom's. They were actually ornaments and they don't look at all like anything my mom would have used in her home. We have no idea why she had them, but I'm glad she did!

The juice pitcher and matching glasses were a
wedding gift back in the 70's.

A closer look at the china.

     For just a touch of elegance, you can always add a little silver. The coffee server was found in my in-laws garage and the sterling cream and sugar were my mother's.

Silverplate flatware from Ebay that you've seen on many of my tables.

No candlelight this week. Even I can't justify candles for breakfast!

The coffee is ready...wish you were here!

I'm joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch
for Tablescape Thursday.
Please stop in and say hello to our gracious hostess.


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Soooo pretty !! Beats my coffee in a chipped mug! You have said that you envy someone who can sew.....Well, I certainly envy someone who can put together a table like this! Amazing!

Kathleen said...

I'll be right over, it looks lovely! No, I won't...we got 16 more inches of snow on top of what we had. But I will be there virtually!
Love the gift you got, so pretty!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I'm coming over NOW. Sue, those dishes are so pretty, and how sweet of your dad to find those for your birthday. I love that he enjoys your tablescapes. That is neat. He sounds like my kind of guy. My father would love blogging, and I wish I could share my tablescapes with him. He was so funny about china that he insisted that his coffee be served in a Haviland cup every morning no matter what china service they used. LOL! He loved his mother's Haviland, and my parents went through a lot of it. I still have a cup that he put back together with airplane glue. Remember that stuff? And it is yellowed down the crack line. I keep it for sentimental reasons because he was such a sentimental guy.


Sheila :-)

Mary said...

This is a very pretty table scape! I would like to invite you to link this up to my new link party, Masterpiece Monday, at Boogieboard Cottage. The link will be up all week. Take care, Mary :O)

An Oasis in the Desert said...

So pretty. The china is truly adorable, but not as adorable as your dad for buying it for you.

Marigene said...

Everyone should wake up to a beautiful breakfast table like yours, Sue.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

So Pretty ! Really like the runner. Even tho I am not a breakfast person, I could handle a few bites with coffee sitting there.

Scribbler said...

This is all very pr!

Patrice said...

Love your new blog look! I'll be right over for coffee!

A Perfect Setting said...

Yes, I wish I was there too, your blog is adorable! Love the angle of the runner, and I think your china is lovely!

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

Such a terrific setting, very inviting! Your centerpiece is wonderful on the pretty runner and the dishes are lovely!


Angie said...

Love the new design, Sue! And, the fruit is such a nice touch to your table setting. My parents actually have a fruit Christmas tree every year made up of the same type of sparkly fruit ornaments. I think it's beautiful and unique looking now but thought it was quite ridiculous as a teenager (my poor mom).

Maria said...

Hi Sue!
Everything looks great! I love coffee and wish I could come right over :o)
It's so cute that your Dad thinks of the things you love and goes out of his way to stop and shop for you!
How sweet ♥
I love using things that were my mother's and grandmother's ~ it makes me feel close to them.
*enjoy a lovely weekend*

Bonnie Bee said...
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Bonnie Bee said...

Hi Sue... I have the SAME juice pitcher and matching juice glasses ....and they were a
wedding gift back in the EARLY 70's. They look perfect on your table. I know you are proud of your Dad to venture into shopping for tableware!!!
Gorgeous table

LindyLouMac said...

I love your tablescapes for the inspiration they give me, now where are those old crocheted cloths I have.

Tricia said...

I just love that your dad found those wonderful snack plates and cups for you! What a sweetheart! I know you were touched at his thoughtfulness. They really do make a lovely breakfast table!

Entertaining Women said...

How neat that your daddy supports your passion...makes me very happy! The plates are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

bj said...

Now, breakfast is a PERFECT time for candles. :)

dee dee said...

My life is so crazy, that my new routine now seems to be follow, read, comment and post on blogs Monday- Wednesday. Come the end of the week, I'm so swamped that I look forward to catching up come Monday! Hopefully we will have a week or two of downtime inbetween getting our current house market ready and closing on the new house. One can always hope!
What a beautiful tablescape! I love breakfast scapes and your's is just perfect! Your center piece is lovely!
Dee Dee