Friday, January 7, 2011

Cinch! Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds and Lose Inches-Review

     I was recently asked to review Cynthia Sass’ new book Cinch! conquer cravings, drop pounds and lose inches! It arrived while I was in Florida and I have been reading it the past several days. Cynthia Sass is the creator and co-author of the New York Times bestselling Flat Belly Diet. This new book, is meant to be a 30-day program that ends overeating by using the proper food combinations to feel full and satisfied.
     One of the first things that I liked about this program was that you don’t count calories. I have never found that to be something I could stick with, so I assume others have a problem with that as well. I approached the reading (and reviewing) of this book by looking at it and deciding if it was a program I could follow. Everyone is different, what might be difficult for me could be easy for you and vice versa.
Highlights of the program:

1. It is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

2. There is an optional 5 day “fast forward” plan.

3. Soda is not allowed on the Cinch plan (regular or diet)

4. Coffee is limited to one cup per day.

5. Emphasis on whole and organic foods

6. Includes daily dark-chocolate indulgence.

7. Customizes meals to your tastes and needs.

8. Weight loss suggestion is 7 pounds in the first 5 days and 15 pounds in 30 days.

     When first reading about the book, I thought that the “5 day, 5 food fast forward” just might be something I could do. Losing 7 pounds in 5 days sounded perfect for me. That is until I read the food list/menu plan. Each of the 5 days you eat only the following foods: Spinach, Raspberries, Almonds, Organic eggs and Nonfat Plain Organic Yogurt. I actually like all of these foods, although I’m not sure that in my small town organic eggs are even an option. The meal plan includes a spinach/egg scramble for breakfast with raspberries and almonds; a parfait for lunch; a salad for dinner and a late night smoothie. Each meal and snack for 5 days includes 1 cup of raspberries. That is 4 cups of raspberries a day and my stomach and my pocketbook would both be damaged by that. I knew immediately that it wouldn’t work for me…but, it would work for weight loss.

     The Cinch! core program (the remaining 25 days-or all 30 if you skip the fast forward) seems very reasonable to me. The meal suggestions sound delicious, easy and in most cases affordable. You are offered many choices for all meals and snacks. There is even a section of the book that helps with dining out. I do think that whatever your taste preferences, most people would be able to stick to the core plan without feeling deprived. There are even recipes for various flavors of truffles for your daily chocolate fix.
     The book also discusses emotional eating, exercise and overall healthy living. Ms. Sass seems to have a good grasp of how to make the unpleasant task of weight loss seem to be simply a change of lifestyle and well within reach. To read more, or order Cynthia’s book, visit her website by clicking here.

One2One Network did provide me with an uncorrected proof of Cinch! for review purposes.


DUTA said...

Why is coffee limited to one cup? It doesn't make any sense. Coffee has no calories, and if you drink decaff with no sugar or with sugar substitute , you can drink as many cups as you wish, and it will keep your stomach full.

Why is soda water forbidden? It has no calories, and it neutralizes toxins in the stomach, which is important during dieting.

Where is soup? clean soup or vegetable soup is low-caloric and like coffee it keeps the stomach full, and helps with the diet.

And finally, I'm sorry to dissappoint you and her; in my humble opinion, the calorie count diet is the only efficient diet.

Sue said...

DUTA-you don't disappoint me, I am just the book reviewer in this case. I don't know why only one cup of coffee, by soda...I meant Coca Cola, Pepsi etc. Regular has sugar and she doesn't support the sweetners in diet sodas. Soup is included in the core plan as long as it is made with the ingredients suggested. As for the calorie counting...I believer that is done for you by combining the daily menu suggestions.

I don't want anyone to think that I am recommending this diet plan. I have not tried it and it isn't in my plan to do so...I am simply reviewing and giving my opinion of the book.

Patrice said...

Can I look like her if I read the book? LOL! It does sound like something I could try for 30 days...

Blondie's Journal said...

Great review, Sue! I love the size of her waist. She definitely knows something!


DUTA said...

Sue, thanks a lot for your reaction to my comment.

I want you to know that I didn't think even for a moment that you wish to 'push" the diet book. It's just that I know from personal experience that chocolate and almonds don't help us loose weight and that calorie count is essential.

I'll be very glad to learn that I'm wrong, and that people among your readers have tried this diet and were successful in loosing weight.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I've done a similar diet, and the weight did fall off. I ate a LOT of yogurt, and I ate organic foods, etc. I substituted sweet potatoes for bread, and that was the ticket.


Sheila :-)

Shellbelle said...

I'm glad to see the emphasis is on whole and organic foods, always a good thing whether your dieting or not. You should be able to find organic eggs at your local supermarket, all of them seem to carry them here.

I know I could never do the 5-day fast forward. Even if I could afford it, which I can't, I think eating four cups of raspberries everyday for five days would make me learn to dislike them and they are one of my favorite treats when they're in season.

Hugs, wish you were going to be here next months, about eight of us are getting together. Should be fun!

Nellie's Cozy Place said...

Thanks for your review........I am never in favor of fad diets or fast diets cause they really don't help you keep the weight off, cause it goes back on as quickly as it comes off, but I do
know firsthand that a balanced lowfat diet with wholegrains and lots of fruits and veggies, dairy, protein (meats and nuts) and using monounsaturated fats and a wee bit of dark chocolate everyday has worked for us, cause that is pretty much what we have done these last 5 years since my hubby had heart disease.
I lost over 20 pds, and hubby lost about 35 or so pds., and we have kept most of it off,
until just recently, and we are working to get these few pds. off before they get worse. lol

The key is to find healthy foods to replace some of your bad favs with. We have pretty much found a replacement for everything accept cool whip. I love coolwhip especially in the spring and summer to make jello salads and stuff, but it is full of hydrogenated oils so we no longer touch it!! We have also tried to stay away from high fructose corn syrup items as well.
You can never go wrong with a balanced diet,
I learned that from weight watchers many years ago too, which helped because I was already employing a lot of that when we found out about hubby. Too bad he was eating bad lunches like philly cheese steak sandwiches,
and burgers and fries, but he exercised and thought he could eat whatever he wanted and we also didn't know till just a few years before that his Mom had Coronary artery disease and sleep apnea, and they are finding that sleep apnea is a huge cause of this disease as well.
Hubby was tested after his bypass surgery and had it too, so he uses a c-pap machine while sleeping because without it your heart it majorly under stress while sleeping. Crazy!!

Sorry didn't mean to write a book!! lol
Have a good weekend,
Blessings, Nellie

Unknown said...

Great review! Will have to look out for this.
Have a sweet day!

Sue said...

Interesting but..

Pondside said...

I think it's always interesting to read someone's ideas on how to lose weight - if only to be inspired to keep on eating in a healthy way. Thanks for passing this along!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Some diets that are so restrictive are almost impossible to follow! I just need to not lift my fork quite so much! LOL.

dee dee said...

I noticed at Holloween time that my sister had lost about 10 pounds and I asked her how she did it, to which she replied "vitamin B". By adding this complex to her diet it increased her motabilism (sp), decreased her desire for sweets, filled her up faster and, increased her need of water. I went out that weekend and picked some up from Target and over the last 2 1/2 months I've lost about 8 pounds without counting calories, or starving myself. I's been the easiest 8 pounds I've ever lost. Because it it coming off slowly, it should make it harder to gain back. I also have received some wonderful health benifits from the Vitamin, including reducing the bloated feeling in my belly and I'm over all happier! Thought I would share this with you, if you try it it will have to let me know if it works for you too! (not that i think you need to lose any weight, you are beautiful)
Dee Dee

Lyneen said...

I saw the author with her book on Martha Stewart today! I am thinking of getting it!