Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easy Low-Fat Granola

     On our recent trip to an Amish community, I bought what they called "Sunrise Granola" and it was the best I'd ever tasted. I eat Greek Yogurt for breakfast every morning and I love to sprinkle a couple tablespoons of granola on top and theirs was perfect. I could tell that it was made with butter and it was in small pieces, very brown and toasty.

     Once it was gone, I decided to try to make a lowfat version that was the same texture. I have a different lowfat granola recipe (posted on the blog in the past) and I have a delicious high calorie recipe, but I wanted something that tasted good and was in small pieces for topping yogurt. I didn't take pictures as I made it because I didn't think it would taste as good as it does!

     With very few ingredients, it has the crunch and the chewy sweet that I was looking for and no fat added. You can adjust the ingredients to your own liking. Use a little more syrup/brown sugar if you want it more coated, use a different dried fruit or even substitute nuts for seeds. I really think the secret was in getting it nice and lightly browned. I will still buy the Amish granola when I visit Arthur, but for every day this version is much healthier!

Easy Low Fat Granola

4 cups oats (I used quick cooking in the big round box)
1 cup sunflower seed/pumpkin seed mix (I used salted)
½ cup brown sugar packed
½ cup real maple syrup
1 cup raisins

     In large bowl combine oats and seeds. In a small saucepan, combine brown sugar and maple syrup and bring to a boil. Pour over oat seed mixture and mix well. Pour onto greased cookie sheet and bake about an hour at 300 degrees. I checked mine often and stirred the edges as they turned brown into the middle. I judged the cooking time by the color of the mix, not wanting it to burn but still wanting a brown and toasty flavor.

     Remove from oven and fold in raisins, let cool. Keep in airtight container or Ziploc bag. It freezes very well.

I thought I'd share this sunrise photo from a few days ago.
Sometimes the sky is truly a work of art.


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

sounds great! I love a good granola..I have saved this recipe and will have to try it! Thanks

Marydon said...

Nummy yum! Don't you just LOVE Amish country? Were you in PA? Yes, God gives us the most beautiful art in the world to enjoy. Spectacular capture.

Have a lovely day ~

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Stephanie said...

This looks fantastic - can't wait to try it!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Just may have to try that - thanks for sharing.
Beautiful sunrise.

NanaDiana said...

Now THAT is am easy to make granola recipe. My grandkids would love it. Thanks- AND...what a sunrise! xo Diana

Sherry said...

That looks really good. Love a great granola recipe. Yes, Sue the strawberries are in at Walmart here and they were 99 cents a lb. this weekend. Isn't that cheap! I couldn't believe it. I bought 3 lbs.

dee dee said...

How yummy! I will have to mark this for future use! Love the sky photo, truly a piece of art at it's finest!
dee dee

Blondie's Journal said...

I have to be careful buying granola because I am allergic to sunflower seeds. I could get away with just the pumpkins seeds though. It looks so good. I have never tried Greek yogurt either. I must live under a rock!

How about this weather. It was 40 this morning and now it is 70!! Summer is just trying to make it's way in! :)


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Sue, were you in Lancaster county? I wish I would have known we could have met!!!!
I eat StoneGable granola almost every morning, but this one sounds so good! I'll make it when I run out! The sunflower and pumpkin seeds make this a winner!

Angie said...

This sounds very good, Sue! I used to love granola in my yogurt, but when I made the switch to Greek, for some reason the granola just didn't appeal to me as much anymore. Your post is inspiring me to reconsider :)