Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer in Illinois

I complain often about living in Illinois.
I'd really rather live somewhere near the
water, somewhere not so flat! However, in
the summer nature's bounty is plentiful and delicious.

Fresh picked tomatoes...

Turn into a beautiful Caprese salad...

The hot Illinois sun...

Produces the best sweetcorn!

Local peaches turn into the best peach
dumplings.  Thank you Yvonne @ Stone Gable for your
delicious and easy recipe. I topped mine with fresh
 whipping cream with a hint of sugar and vanilla added.
For her recipe: click here

You might remember that we had to remove our blue
spruce tree earlier this summer. I would show you a before
picture, but it is on the data disk from my recently crashed computer
 and I don't want to take time to look for it. We had hopes
that the tiny climbing rose we planted would actually
 climb the new fence...and it is!

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The Paisley Cupcake said...

beautiful pictures! I seriously LOVE caprese mouth is watering:)
visiting via between naps on the porch.
-Amanda @

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your salad and dumplings look soooooooo good. Great pictures. The rose is wonderful. It looks so pretty against the fence. Hugs, Marty

dee dee said...

It pays to "find the bright sides of life"!
Sue, your salad looks so yummy... please save a bite for me! Sweet corn, tiny roses, peach dumplings...what sweet little blessings!
Dee Dee

xinex said...

What a coincidence, Sue. I am in Illinois right now and I just ate some corn last night looking exactly like what you have in the picture and it was so good. I am sorry you are having problem in my blog. Did you expand the window screen?...Christine

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Your roses are beautiful! I need some of that salad for lunch. :D
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

We've had some VERY awesome, locally grown sweetcorn here in Virginia this summer... probably because it's been soooooo hot this year. I grew up in Iowa and the sweetcorn there was great every year.


the cape on the corner said...

i love your fence area and those sweet birdhouses! what a special area!

bj said...

o, my...this all looks sooo good. we've been eating lots of fresh veggies (with hot cornbread...and BUTTER) this summer.

I have my peaches and pastry for dumplings but I can NOT find that big grained sugar to make them sparkle like diamonds. WHAT IS IT ??

Your photos are so pretty....:)

nannykim said...

corn on the cob is one of my favs! Had some tonight, however, it wasn't fresh (I had forgotten it was in my frig!!). Love tomatoes with basil. Glad you got that cute rose to grow where you wanted it!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Sue,
Illinois has the best farmland in the world!
At least that is what my Mom used to say. I lived there until I was 13 and I thought we had hills. Then I moved to Wisconsin and realized we didn't really have hills. But my ties still run deep in Illinois.
Your rose looks lovely, I planted one just like it but you have more blooms.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Sue, those fresh veggies look so good. I love good sweet corn. That peach dumpling looks so good. I looked at Yvonne's dumpling recipe when she posted it, but have not attempted it yet. Your roses look great and it is growing so fast.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Looks like summertime in Illinois is pretty special! Beautiful produce... good eats!
Thank you for the shout out in your post!
The dumplings look fabulous!
xo Yvonne

koralee said...

Beautiful today my friend...thank you for sharing the bounty! I love love love it...I can so easily make it my whole dinner..just give be 5 cobs and I will call it a meal..yummmmm. xoxo Hugs for a great day.

Unknown said...

I love your little fence. They make yards look so special, I think.
Also, your posts have make me so hungry -- they look so yummy !!
Peach dumpling ? oh, that's heaven.
Have a good day.......

Gypsy Heart said...

Oh, I am starving right now! Would love to have that salad and the dumplings ~ both look so appetizing.


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh yum! Thanks for stopping by to guess my car -- good luck!