Friday, August 27, 2010

Sometimes Music Touches Your Heart

     Have you ever had the radio on and when a song started playing, you truly felt the song. That happened to me yesterday. I've been listening to the music channel on my television quite a bit this summer. I am usually a rock/pop kind of girl...but yesterday I changed the channel. I knew that if I had to listen to Katy Perry's California Girls one more time I was going to lose my mind. I flipped the station to Contemporary Country just for a change of pace. I don't like country music that sounds country. There has never been a Johnny Cash or George Strait CD in my house. I do like country pop (Rascal Flatts, Sugarland) on occasion.

     I was just blogging away when I noticed a song playing. I looked up to see who the artist was and it was someone I'd never heard of, David Nail. Now maybe you country fans are familiar with him, but I certainly wasn't. The song was Turning Home. I don't know why this particular song hit a nerve with me. I think that the combination of finding over 100 of my old high school friends on Facebook and losing my mom has made me a little nostalgic for "the good old days". Maybe seeing all those pictures of grandchildren my friends post or the ever increasing list of classmates that are no longer with us has made me think about the carefree times of high school.

     Within the hour I had purchased the album (I'm About To Come Alive) on iTunes and I've been playing it constantly since. I like all of the songs on the CD and that doesn't happen very often. My husband hates it when I find songs I love, they just play and play and play.

I thought I'd share a little of his music with you. Click here to listen to Turning Home.

photo from David Nail's Official Website

Usually take one last pass through town
Stop the car and touch the ground
Watch those streetlights swayin’ in the breeze
Decorated store fronts
Rusty old gas pumps
Try to fill my mind up
With somethin’ before I go
Picture postcard memories
You know they always make for good company

I don’t know no town
like the old town
Even when the miles are many
I feel like I’m still around
Deep inside me
Like rings through an oak tree
Yeah, there something ‘bout a Sunday when I’m gone
That keeps me turning home

I’m standin’ here beneath these billboard lights
Takes me back to those autumn nights
Hometown bleachers packed real tight
As we marched down the field
My feet would swing from a dropped tailgate
Out on Airport Road real late
No one could walk a line too straight
We usually made it home alright
And glory days I cant re-live
Stories I’ll never forget

And I don’t know no friends
Like the old friends
I never seem to laugh now
Like I did with them
But deep inside me
A piece of my history
Yeah, I hear their voices even though they’re gone
And it keeps me turning home

Never twice the same way does it start
Sure enough she stole my heart
On that old gym floor, spinnin’ round and round one night
And though we both tried hard to wait
We sure did love the taste
Of the sweet love being made and prayin’ I got it right
Graduation came and went
Along with all the time we spent

And I don’t know no love
Like the first love
When I think about the best times
She’s the one I think of
Deep inside me
All though the taste is bittersweet
I see her smilin’ even though she’s gone
And it keeps me turning home, yeah
And it keeps me turning home

*I did not receive any compensation for writing this post


Natasha in Oz said...

Wow, it must be good! I will go on over and listen to it now. If you have time I would love it if you could link this post to my Sunday Song post, Sue. Hope to see you soon.

Best wishes and happy weekend,

Nancy's Notes said...

I think I'll just have to listen to this! Thanks for sharing, I love music!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Thanks for sharing this song with all of us and thanks for coming by for a's always good to hear from you:)


xinex said...

I have never heard of him either but I'll listen to it....Christine

Gigi Thibodeau said...

When I find a song that hits me where I live in the way that you've described, I do the same thing: I play it over and over and over! Our poor husbands! :) Lately I've been revisiting old favorite songs, which has been wonderful, too.

Have a beautiful weekend, Sue! xo Gigi

J Rodney said...

I love it, when that happens. I'll have to take a listen:) Have a wonderful weekend Sue!

oldgreymare said...

Just listened to about 6 tunes of his from I tunes. I need to check him out further.

So far I like Some Things You Just Know, the best.

Thanks for the info!

Have a good weekend.


Angie said...

I hear you re: Katy Perry...I'm about on overload.

Good song choice! I love those songs that have special meaning. I'm not big on country either (though I do love, love, love Johnny Cash)...but, being from a small town, I guess there will always be a little country in me. Another one to check out if you haven't already: That's What I Love About Sunday by Craig Morgan.

Sophie said...

I have several songs that are like that for me. The one that was really weird (because a 16 yr old was singing it) and totally felt like someone wrote exactly what I was thinking was Teardrops on My Guitar-- I know, but even the guys name was the same.

The Tablescaper said...

I think it's so neat how a song (or a little item as we both agree) can invoke such thoughts and feelings. I will definately check out his music.

I host a weekly meme called Seasonal Sundays and would love to have you come and be a part of it!

- The Tablescaper

koralee said...

Thanks so much for sharing my it!

LindyLouMac said...

I have popped over from 5 Minutes For Me this morning to listen to your Sunday Song.
I am also an empty nester,living in Italy, it is good to meet you. I will now go and listen to your choice but sure I will be back as your blog looks interesting :)

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful song. I am now going to have to go iTunes and check the album :-)

Rettabug said...

New artist & song to me, too. Its playing right now. Pretty!
I'm sorry if my posting of pictures of my grandkids has made you feel sad. :-( I can't imagine not having them in my life & didn't realize this was a painful situation for you, Sue. {{hugs}}

Remember, its suppose to take upwards of 2 years to process the loss of a close loved one. Be kind & patient with yourself.


Beth at Aunties said...

After reading the words to the song I had Mr B come listen with me. The words hit home after remembering times long ago and losing parents and mates sure make you remmeber those golld ole days.
We are not country fans either, but the words of Rascal Flatts 'Broken Road" was perfect being sand at my sister's wedding this summer out in our yard. There was hardly a dry tear. Some songs really speak to heart and soul.
I just read the last comment,
A tender hug,

Sue said...

Just want to clear up a little something I said above. The song is about missing high school days and what made me nostalgic was the fact that I've found my old high school friends on facebook and we are all grandparents and several of my class have passed on. I love seeing pictures of other's grandkids...just feeling a bit stunned that we are old enough to have them.

Rettabug said...

Sorry that I caused some confusion, Sue. The written words can be so easily misunderstood.

I agree on the "stunned that we are old enough to have them" comment! LOL

Karen said...

I LOVE DAVID NAIL! I heard his last hit - Red Light and was HOOKED! Love the new one Turning Home.
Thanks for sharing!
Hugs! Karen

Drawn to The Sea said...

He sounds so familiar, can't quite put my finger on it. He sings like he means it... that's endearing :-)