Monday, November 22, 2010

Where Do You Keep All Those Dishes?

     I really don't like posting this "before" picture. The rest of my house is actually kept neat and organized! Some of you may remember a few months ago I decided to turn a bedroom in the basement into my dish room. This room will never be cute or stylish. We have pulled odds and ends of old furniture that we were going to get rid of to use in here. I did think over the weekend that I'd like to turn my friend Kim @ Savvy Southern Style loose with her paintbrush in here. I know things would look better with a coat of shabby white paint on everything, but I also know that in this room...the paint would get scratched very easily.

     This room started out somewhat organized, but over the months and after many trips thrifting and all those times I asked my husband to "put this in the dish room" after tearing down a tablescape...this is how it looked. Cluttered, messy and simply awful. So, over the past two weekends, we emptied the room, added a fresh coat of paint to the walls and started over.

The walls are now a deep taupe
(almost every room in my house is this color)
and the woodwork has a fresh coat of white paint.

     Remember when I bought my thrifted desk and it came with a hutch I wasn't going to use? It is perfect for holding wine glasses. We thought about hanging it on the wall, but I decided there was less risk with breakage at this level. I love using old crocks to store floral supplies, tubs hold the larger items.

     A large antique crock in the corner holds more floral supplies. An old rocker from my grandparent's house is covered with vintage quilts. See the cute little pretty hanging on the pine was a gift from my pal Jenny @ Jenny Matlock.

The pine cabinet is full of Christmas
things and teapots, cups and pitchers.

     The old cedar-lined wardrobe (ugly thing isn't it) holds all my tablecloths, runners and throw pillows. Large vases and my grandma's china sit on top (the pink cup is an "oops, I forgot to move the tea I was drinking before taking the picture". The old walnut bookcase is nice and sturdy for glasseware. I had a couple shelves I purchased and painted for other locations and didn't like them...up on the wall they go!

     My cedar chest is full of spring and summer dishes and topped with ones I will be using during the winter months. You can see another crock full of florals to the right.

These shelves were from my daughter's dorm room.
They aren't very sturdy, but perfect for ribbons and crafty things.

     The oak dresser was the first piece of furniture we bought after we got engaged. It was $35 at an auction. It holds napkin rings, candles etc. Silver sits on top. The rocking horse was mine as a child and the dollhouse my dad made for my daughter's 9th birthday. It still feels a bit cluttered in here, but that is because I have too much stuff and keep adding more. At least now it is organized clutter. I have my glass table in the room so I can play with combinations before I carry things up the stairs. Not all of my dishes are kept here. My good china and crystal are upstairs, as are several other sets of dishes that we use frequently. My mom's china is stored in the kitchen in the wet bar. I like the idea of our good china being a bit more protected from collapsing furniture or young grandchildren.

I am joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday.
There are some great decorating tips to be found there!


koralee said...

ok...I need a room like dishes are jammed in my cupboards and it drives me are soooo organized.

Hugs for a great Thanksgiving my friend. oxoxox

dee dee said...

It must be so fun to have all those dishes and stemware to play with each week! I guess that would explain how you can be so creative with all your wonderful tablescapes! I think the before photo is wonderful, it looks just like my studio (which I don't think I've ever posted about). I can relate to "just put it into the dishroom... I often just put it in the studio! I love that you have created a space to organize and house your dishes! I love the fresh color on the walls along with your childhood rocking horse and daughter's doll house... great job and wonderful room!
Dee Dee

xinex said...

What a great use for the room, every dishes all in one place. It looks very organized and neat, Sue...Christine

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Would love to have a room just for storage like that. Nice doll house! :D

Blondie's Journal said...

Great job on the 'Dish Room', Sue! I often wonder where people keep all their sets and stemware. I have a small den we don't use and the dishes have replaced the books on the shelves and it is also the place to store all of my bought treasures that haven't found a place in my home!!

You really did a nice job painting and organizing. You make me want to do the same!


Chrissy said... are just like me(poor thing) i am dreading posting the before photos of our kitchen..but I will!! Your room looks great..what a good idea and doesn't it feel good to be so organized?!!? Hope you are well my friend! x0x0x0

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Your room for storage is so much nicer than mine. I don't think you need me to come paint anything. Y'all did great on the walls and trim. I have been painting doors. Ugh! I need to freshen up all the white, but that will have to wait till another time. I love the white hutch. That would be great hung on the wall. My bonus room with all my stuff looks like I need hoarders anonymous!!

Sandra said...

I need a storage room like that, Sue. What a cute dollhouse. :)

Maria said...

This is soooo pretty, Sue... and what a job you do keeping it organized!

LindyLouMac said...

You certainly have lots of china, we do not any more as when we decided to move to Italy we had to be very ruthless due to removal costs. Our possessions are much more streamlined these days, mind you I was still amazed how much we still have when we moved again last year but within Italy. How wonderful to have such a great place for storing all your lovely china and glasses.

Sue said...

Love it! I often wondered where you stored everything! I need a room like that for my Christmas decorations, another for all other holidays. So far I've dishes and glasses are at hand in my hutch and other cabinets. I'm trying not to buy more. Trying means that I always look and enjoy the store displays.. Trying means there are some things too special to pass up. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

bj said...

I don't have a clue how I missed this amazing post...A DISH ROOM!! Every woman's dream.
You did an awesome job on this!!