Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh no! It is beginning!

     Yesterday my husband took on the task of painting my dish room, which you may remember is a bedroom we weren't using in the basement. What had started out neatly organized had become chaos and I decided if I was going to organize the room and hang some shelves, it should be painted first. Makes sense...right? Anyway, he made such a mess in the basement by moving out all my dishes into the family room that I wanted an equal mess upstairs in the living room. I decided to bring up all of our Christmas boxes out of our storage room, empty them and organize, condense and sort the contents. Needless to say, we both hurt to move today. I did come up with a few thoughts about Christmas decorations.

1. If you love decorations, you will have way too many after 35 years of marriage. You should get rid of old things as you bring in new ones.

2. You should never get rid of any Christmas decorations because they can often be reused years later in another form.

3. Red and green really are the colors of favorite.

4. I really like my teal, purple, blue, pink, black, bronze, silver and gold ornaments better than traditional red and green.

5. I love the 2 tubs of family ornaments from when the kids were little best of all.

6. I don't want those old ornaments on my tree unless the kids are coming for Christmas...I like a "pretty" tree better.

7. If you make a beautiful tree topper, you should keep it for another year.

8. Saving a tree topper takes up too much space, break it will want to remake it if you use those colors again anyway.

9. I have no idea why I kept those old Christmas glasses...I would never buy them now.

10. I wonder how I can do a tablescape using those old Christmas glasses?

Seriously, is it any wonder that we all go a little crazy this time of year?

What color will this Christmas be? Stay tuned.

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Pondside said...

Yes - I live by the same Christmas rules!
Last year, in a spurt of being organized I gave the kids each a box of Christmas stuff from home - they were delighted. I just know I'll be looking for those things in a couple of weeks!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Yep! That is why i don't get a lot of "cleaning out" accomplished. :-D
Have a great week.

Cass @ That Old House said...

So, Mrs. Multiple Personalities, which will it be? Ridding or keeping? We are re-doing our kitchen right now and i have dishes and pots and STUFF on almost every horizontal surface in this house. What a mess!

I have your answer you know -- do what I did -- put up several Christmas trees, problem solved.

:-) Cass

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Let the games begin! I'm so excited to decorate this year, but I'm determined to hold out until after Thanksgiving dinner... right after dinner!
Although, I did change my header already:@)

koralee said...

Oh such great tips....I do wonder what colours your Christmas will be this year. xoxoxo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Sue,
Welcome back!! glad you didn't get into too much trouble at Hobby Lobby!! lol
I am not allowing myself to think much about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over!! or at least until I have it all planned. I did the menu and the groc. shop list today, tomorrow is figuring out the table center piece and which linens and dishes to use. Once all that is figured out, then I can begin to entertain thoughts of Christmas. Keeps me from being stressed out. I really really hate being stressed.
Well, you have a good week,
Blessings, Nellie

My name means Wisdom said...

Lol! I am still trying to get Tday decor taken care of and do not want to even think of coming near all the xmas boxes. I do know that we ran out of room to store anything else two years ago and I had to add two whole totes of decorations to the under the stairs room :(

Relyn said...

But, how wonderful it will all be when it is finished. I do love this idea of a dish room. LOVE IT!