Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goodnight Moon-Outdoor Wednesday

In the great green room
there was a telephone
And a red balloon
And a picture of--
The cow jumping over the moon
and there were three little bears, sitting on chairs
and two little kittens and a pair of mittens
and a little toy house and a young mouse
and a comb and a brush and bowl full of mush
and a quiet old lady who was whispering "hush"

Goodnight room

goodnight moon

goodnight cow jumping over the moon

goodnight light and the red balloon

goodnight bears goodnight chairs

goodnight kittens goodnight mittens

goodnight clocks and goodnight socks

goodnight little house and goodnight mouse

goodnight comb and goodnight brush

goodnight nobody goodnight mush

and goodnight to the old lady whispering "hush"

goodnight stars, goodnight air

goodnight noises everywhere.

Goodnight Moon is an American children's book written
 by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd.
It was first published in 1947.
It was a favorite at our house.

I'm joining Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday


black eyed susans kitchen said...

All of my children know that book by heart as do I. Your picture is amazing!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I remember the book "Goodnight Moon", but don't remember it being read to me as a child. Great picture.
Hope you are having a great week.

Red Couch Recipes said...

I had a little hard book that I used to read to the kids all the time -- still have it. Great book for the little ones. Joni

Angie said...

Great photo, Sue!

Blondie's Journal said...

Beautiful picture, Sue!

My daughter {who is 19 now} still has the plaque over her bed that reads:

I see the moon
and the moon sees me
God bless the moon
and God bless me.

I love it!

Thanks for this special post!


Dawn said...

Oh this brought back memories.....
I need to go find our copy and read it one more time out loud to my kiddos...before they all walk out the door!

Love this post...thank you!

My name means Wisdom said...

It has been a while since I heard that :0

I did my first Outdoor Wednesday post!

La said...

The moon was a pretty crescent this morning. Good morning, Moon. La

Patti said...

Hi! I came from Relyn's blog- when I saw your comment on her Election Day post- I just knew I had to stop by. I am from Illinois too and could not bring myself to vote as well. What a shambles our state is in and there was not even a better choice to choose from. And I am a teacher too so what all this has done for education is just horrible. Anyway- just had to share. And by the way- love your blog-- so many good things going on! Where in IL do you live? I'm in the south suburbs of Chicago. Have a wonderful day and stop by if you ever get a chance...


The Quintessential Magpie said...

That is one of my favorites, Sue, and your moon shot is perfect with it. Thanks for this. I needed to hear it today.


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I miss reading this book to my girls. It seems so sad that they are too old to actually read the book to them each night. Reading the words right now brings me back to that sweet time and place in my life that I will forever treasure. Thanks for that warm feeling, you must have known I needed a far away hug from Someones BFF!

Miss You

Donnie said...

Your photos and words are so lovely. I especially like the poem.

Pondside said...

That was one of my daughter's favorite books, kept safely in the attic for when she has children of her own.

Nanna said...

love thta book, came across you through another blogger's list, love the tree topper tutorial, I am so going to try that this year

KarenHarveyCox said...

It was always a favorite at my house too. Isn't it amazing how such a simple book can captivate so many? I have since seen nurseries done in this theme.

Lovely post.

My name means Wisdom said...

Hey Sue,
I was actually thinking of you this morning when I was reminded of that little Gather incident a while back. I remember not knowing if I could trust you, but I know you so much better now, after all this time.

bj said...

R u gone? Did u tell me? Did I forget?
R u ok?

Carol said...

Haven't read that poem in years. Love the photograph.

xinex said...

Beautiful poem and I like the year it came out...Christine

Aunt Snow said...

I love that book.

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Great shot of moon! You should frame it, even if you only put it out as a Halloween decoration next year!
Best regards,