Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This and That...

     I hadn't shown you Zoe in a while...she is now officially the most spoiled dog ever. She is 20 months old. She can tell time (snack time 10:00 a.m. and dinner at 5:00 p.m.) and will certainly let you know if you are 10 minutes late. She is very good getting her weekly bath, but still tries to escape when she sees me bring in the towels. She talks...a little whimper cry and she is trying to tell you she wants out, needs water or has a biscuit stuck in her mouth! She also chews every shoe she can get near, gets in my purse and takes things out and will grab a towel off the kitchen counter and run with it. Nothing is really safe...I hope she eventually tires of that "game".

     We had two nests this year and this little one eventually ended up in the back yard for a few days. At first we thought she was injured, but she was just trying her wings. I love watching them go from egg to baby to out on their own.
     I hope that some of you had a nice holiday weekend. Illinois has turned into a rain forest this year. It rained every day of the weekend and is still rainy today. We had no time outdoors at all, no patio, no sitting near the fire pit...it didn't feel like a holiday weekend at all. We are having a garage sale next Saturday, so we did get things ready for that. Of course, it is supposed to rain all week and most of next weekend too, so that may be a really fun garage sale.
    For those of you of my generation that were fans of Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Fogerty has a new album out today that I bought immediately. He has taken many familiar songs and redone them as duets with friends and artists he admires. I already love it. Wrote a Song for Everyone, has Proud Mary with Jennifer Hudson, Fortunate Son with the Foo Fighters, Bad Moon Rising with the Zac Brown Band and so many more great pairings. This wasn't a requested review, just an album I knew I'd like and I do. I bought this one myself.
     A few weeks ago I won a prize from Jacqueline @ Purple Chocolate Home for my cheesecake recipe using Sara Lee Pound Cake. Jacqueline (who is a fabulous cook) honored me by making my recipe and putting it on her blog today. She changed it up by topping it with chocolate instead my usual fruit topping...either way, it is a killer cheesecake if I do say so myself. Stop by Purple Chocolate Home for the recipe.
     So, what is happening in your part of the world this week? I hope you have sunshine and are enjoying being outside!


Barbara F. said...

That is a cute shot of Zoe. We had some rain and cooler temps then sun but windy, and now the temp is steadily rising, will be 90 this weekend, and I am attending an outdoor party, which I hate in a yard full of sun and no shade. :/ Could be worse. :) xo

Unknown said...

Oh, Zoe is so pretty and such a good girl! Wilma hides under the coffeetable right in the middle where I can't reach her if she even thinks its time for a bath!
Zoe deserves a treat and a hug! :-)

Dorothy and Ms.Wilma

Nellie's Cozy Place said...

Hi Suz,
Your lil Zoe is so cute, she reminds me of a dog my son had when he was in college named Bob. He was such a sweet dog, but he was like an abused child really, as he was from the vet
clinic part of Univ. of Florida, and
they practice their vet stuff on them I guess, but he was one crazy dog.
He used to get into everyones trash and make a mess, and was hard to house break and on and on. Someone
stole him and another dog they had,
a different times.......they didn't know what they were doing when they stole Bob, but Gidget was a lil
jack russell terrier and just a hilarious yet wonderful lil dog,
so they were sick about it.

I love to see eggs and baby birds and that whole progression too.
We had birds build a nest in a fertilizer bag in our shed once, so we could see them up really close,
but I always thought they thought them to fly over time, and much to my chagrin the first time she had
them out...........that was it!!
I was shocked......what kind of Mother would do that!! lol

Hope your garage sale goes well....
maybe you should postpone it another week..... that would be too bad to have done all that work and not have a lot of people show up.
Glad you got it all done, know you must be glad about that.
Anytime it rains on a holiday especially in the spring or summer it just doesn't seem the same.

Wow, your friend (the bride) looks gorgeous and what a fun looking wedding and reception. Her lil ones
are adorable too. Bet yall had a great time. So nice to see friends who have been thru hard times find
some happiness in their lives.

Blessings my dear,

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Awww! Zoe is a cutie! It is amazing that they can tell time "only certain times of the day". :-D
Weekend weather was great, but
mosquitoes were super bad.
Enjoy your evening.

bj said...

Such a cutie, she is....
We are having hot, DRY, winds today and yesterday. I am sooo sick of wind.
Gotta go ck your recipe...:))
When my kids were little, it was saltine cracker and mayo...they still love it. :)

Lynn said...

Zoe is a pretty girl and I'm glad to hear she has you trained:@) 60 with rain today and in the 90's for the rest of the week... Best of luck with your garage sale!

Blondie's Journal said...

Zoe is a doll! You are making me a little guilty about those weekly baths...mine get them when they start to get smelly in the summer! lol! When Milo was a puppy he liked to grab just about anything and sometimes chew. I kept rawhide bones around and every time he did it, I took it out of his mouth and replaced it with the bone. He learned very quickly.

Yes, I hear you on the rain. I need to get flowers potted and I have a feeling I may be doing it at the kitchen table!!

I wouldn't worry too much about the garage sale, some diehards will come rain or shine, especially thinking the rain will keep others away. Good luck!


koralee said...

Oh my your Zoe is beyond adorable!!! Hope you are well my friend. xoxo

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Zoe, has really grown, Sue. So cute!

Sorry you are having so much rain. We need some here.

We still have a mess at the house, and we have been in Miami on business. It was a relief to go there and get away from things. We are half way home now with a stop in Central Florida. Will be back shortly.

I used to love Creedence. Thanks for the heads up.



Linda said...

Zoe is getting so big...she's a cutie! We have had warm weather here...I'm finally feeling better and back gardening...wish we could get some of tha train...it's been so dry here...have a great weekend!!

Rettabug said...

I saw that Jacqueline had used your recipe & I immediately copied it down for future reference. Thanks!

Your little poochie is precious...such sweet eyes!

Sending ~~dry weather~~vibes in your direction. Our sun is out after 2 full days of rain. YAY!!

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh my, Zoe can come and steal my towels any day! :) I will check out that new album too, and I hope you get some sunshine too.