Monday, April 2, 2012

Am I Being Punked?

     I'm one of those people who don't deal well with messes, at least not in my own house. Our 37 years together have been spent in a series of houses that needed something done. In one case, our largest house needed everything done. We have lived without kitchens, without bathrooms and in various degrees of mess. What we loved about the house we are in now is that the only thing we did when we bought it was change the interior paint and that was by choice. It was 5 years old and didn't really need anything done. After 9 years, we have gradually been upgrading the things that were a bit boring in our home. You may remember the kitchen redo, we also did the guest bath and have done simple things like remove all the brass doorknobs and put in brushed nickel. We will be replacing carpet when we no longer have our 16-year-old beagle (that is a story for a different day). Over the weekend we began work on the last bathroom we have to do.

     New floor tile had to be the first thing installed, so everything else had to come out of the room. I've spent the past few weeks deep cleaning my house and in one day...we ruined every room. Boxes of all the things from the bathroom are piled into my office/daughter's room. Saturday night until Sunday afternoon, there was a toilet sitting in my bedroom along with the old vanity. At one point, our old beagle came in the room and somehow got trapped behind a chest of drawers. She no longer likes to be touched, so we had to move the chest in order to get her out. The hardwood floor in the living/dining room was covered with dust and mortar, I'm using the guest bath, so that room that is rarely used now has things sitting and plugged in all over it and I actually moved into the guest room for a few, it has that "lived in" look. No, I'm not mad at my husband, I'm just very sensitive to smells and home projects have many of those.

     Between 2 dogs barking, a tile saw running, an exhausted husband who works much too long and hard at these projects and total chaos in the house, I talked to my daughter and I told her I felt just on the verge of doing one of those laughing so hard that hysteria was going to follow and sobbing would happen next. So, I took a deep breath and counted my blessings that I had a guestroom to hide in and two working bathrooms in the house!

     Here is a hint of the new look. The white tile floor is being replaced with something darker, the taupe walls will be cottage green (the photo isn't quite the actual color-it is sort of a medium seafoam) and I think I will use some shade of  coral as an accent color for towels, etc. I'm not sure about that yet, I want to see the paint on the walls and the new vanity and granite first. I think we are getting too old for this!

     I'm not sure this qualifies for Met Monday.
So far it qualifies for MESS MONDAY instead!
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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Oh, I hate the mess a project brings on, too. I am sure it will all be worth it in the end.

dee dee said...

Oh my Sue,
I'm so sorry to hear that you are totally stressed out.... any thing I can do to help?
Like where you are heading so far and can't wait to see the final project!
think of it this way, at least you are not wearing gas masks!
dee dee

Glenda/MidSouth said...

It will be nice when you are finished, but I know what you mean about the mess. Exactly one of the main reasons so much does not get done here - I just don't want t deal with it all.

NanaDiana said...

Sue-I am with you- We have always remodeled and redone every single house we lived in. I might have one more in me. We are now living in house #14! xo Diana

Traci said...

I hope for your sake it's finished soon. I can't wait for to see it all finished.

mountain mama said...

oh is NOT fun living in the house while things are getting re-done. i feel for ya, hang in there! ;)

JUST ME said...

So SORRY that you're stressed. :( Filling uprooted is weird - I hope you can find some serenity soon!!

A nice piece of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine? Healthy AND relaxing. :)

bj said...

I am slap-dab in the middle of a mess, myself...and I HATE messes in my house. They just drive me up the wall...
Very stressful...I am going to bed. :))