Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Little Mud, A Little Salt...You Have to Try This!

     I want to start this post by telling you that I'm not being paid in any way for writing about these products. In fact, they didn't even know I had a blog until I made my second trip into the store and asked if I could take a few pictures to share with all of you.

     It isn't often that I find a place and products that completely blow me away. A few days before Christmas, that is exactly what happened. After a huge pre-holiday meal (a future post) we decided to take a stroll around the shops at Pointe Orlando, where the restaurant was located. As we walked by a new shop, Mindful Minerals, what first caught our eye was the colorful soap sitting just inside the door. We stepped inside and you have never seen 3 females turn into such "girly girls" so quickly. We were immediately greeted by Melissa Sweiss, who is friendly, fun and extremely knowledgeable about her products. She put a bit of the mud mask on my hand and let it dry. It not only changed the texture of my hand, it changed the skin tone. My hand looked younger with one use.

    The facts: Mindful Minerals products are 100% pure raw minerals harvested from Jordan’s Dead Sea. They contain no preservatives and additives found in all other Dead Sea Products currently available in the market. They offer products free of preservatives and additives with its unique process of maintaining purity while naturally preserving the product. This allows Mindful Mineral customers to experience the amazing benefits of the 21 minerals found in the Dead Sea, 12 of which are found in no other ocean or sea.

     Now, for my take on the products and the store in general. I love this place! I bought several products for all of us on our first visit and took them back to the hotel and we tried them. I went back before I left town to stock up because I already knew that I didn't want to run out of anything! My daughter has been back in the store twice this week. Best of all, not only does my skin feel husband actually commented on my face on two different days this week! Of course, it went something like this-

"Your face looks better, less bumpy"

"My face was bumpy?"

"No, you know...smoother"

     A couple of days later, he said, "your face really does look better". I see this as sort of a back-a**ed compliment, but considering he never says anything about my skin...I'll take it! I really can see a difference and the products are fun to use and amazingly affordable. Melissa told me that their products are sold in the Ritz Carlton Spa for so much more than they are selling them in their shop. Honestly, these are high-end products at such affordable prices we were shocked.

     So, what products am I using and do I suggest you try?

The Dead Sea Mud-it comes dry and you add a little water and use it on your face and/or body. The dermatologist at the store told me to use it once a week.

The Dead Sea Scrub-I am using this twice a week on my face. Again, as suggested by their dermatologist. I was a little nervous about this at first because my skin can be very sensitive. It does sting a bit (it is supposed to) but I was told it would "get rid of all the dead skin on my face"! It actually is doing that! You can use this all over your body as well, I haven't had a chance to do that yet.

Just Get Smooth Exfoliating Bar-I'm using this about twice a week in the shower on my legs and arms.

Just Get Dirty Mud Purifying Bar-I'm using it on my face every day and on my body 5 days a week.

Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak-I've used this only once, and I liked it. I just have a hard time taking the time to soak in the bath tub. I need to do it more often as it helps with sore joints and muscles.

The Dead Sea Skin Care Creams-Cleanser, Day Cream and Night Cream-I swear these combined with the salt scrub are doing good things for my face. I use the cleanser at night only. The price of these was so reasonable that I couldn't have bought them at Walgreens for that price.

The Citrus Soap with loofah-this is just fun and it smells good and feels good. It has loofah sponge inside the soap!

     I never buy skin products in large amounts, but as you can see...I bought a ton of Mindful Minerals and I bought 3 jars/bars of almost everything just for me, plus what I bought for my daughter and her girlfriend. My dad even bought a bar of the Just Get Smooth soap for his dry skin. What is wonderful is that it works if you are 27 (my daughter) or 57 (me) or 85 (my dad). It works for men or women.

     I think you can tell that I love this stuff. I love the fact that Melissa and her husband lived where these products come from for 3 years. I love that they have a dermatologist that tells you (even if you don't want to hear it) exactly what you need to do to look better. I loved that their young children were in the shop and that they were so new that they had just gotten their cash register the day we were there. I also love how she really works with you on what items are best for you and didn't push a single product. I also love it that I have a single jar of night cream in my bathroom that cost more than all of these products I bought added together. It is affordable and it works!

     I am linking the website and their Facebook page so you can see more of the products and order some if you like. There are also discounts offered on the Facebook page. If it were me, I would call the number and talk to Melissa. They had some great specials before Christmas and my daughter says they have a Valentine Special now. You can save even more money if you happen to grab a special offer, plus she can tell you what you need most for your skin type and how to use it. I actually can't wait to see what products they come out with next and I will try them without hesitation.

     If you call Mindful Minerals, please tell them you read it about them on Suzy's blog. I'd love for them to know that I sent my friends their way. You won't be sorry, I promise!


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I have seen this stuff before...I have the finger nail is amazing too!

Mary Sullivan Frasier said...

I have some products with the Dead Sea minerals in them (another brand) that my daughter gave to me a year ago and I've never used them. It's a "mani/pedi" boxed set and has a scrub and some cream and mani/pedi tools in it. After reading how well this brand is working for you, I may have to give mine a try. If they work for me, I'll get in touch with the Mindful Minerals folks for some new products!

Thanks for doing the review!

Mary (Mrs B)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for the "heads up" on the products. I plan to check into them more. Right now, I am on the run.

mountain mama said...

cool. will have to check it out...i'm all for dead sea salts! :)

Patrice said...

My skin is really sensitive, too...this sounds really interesting!

dee dee said...

you crack me up with your comments sections from hubby, I had to share it with Wayne! I wonder if they have anything to help with my crazy red face????? hmmm might have to just call and find out! thanks for sharing!
Dee Dee

Linda said...

Sounds great! We have a day spa here with wonderful mud...I go as often as I can and recently found out that they sell the mud to take home works wonders on my skin!!

Blondie's Journal said...

This stuff sounds amazing...I am taking your word for it! I love trying new products but have to be super careful because my skin is dry and sensitive. I am definitely checking out the say the prices are pretty good? I'm game!!

Sorry about your being sick on Christmas Eve...I just wish I could be 100%, but it's not happening. It sounds like a lot of people have the bug...could it be these crazy temps? It was almost 50 today!!


Leigh Powell Hines said...

Thanks for sharing, and happy new year to you.

JUST ME said...

You're right - I LOVE THIS POST. I want to buy all these things right away...gah. Maybe after I get paid I can make a go for it. YAY ALL NATURAL FABULOUSNESS!!

With Love. :)

bj said...

Hey, Suz....hope you are feeling MUCH better. No fun being sick on holidays.

I love anything natural for my skin. It is olden and wrinkled and dry so I put so much moisturizer on my face at night, I nearly slid out of bed every time I turn over. :))
I am going to check this out, for sure.
Thanks for the heads up on it.

Nellie's Cozy Place said...

Hi Sue,
I just went over to Mindful Minerals to check it out. Very nice. I actually have some dead sea products and they do work great, but they are
from different companies, but do have additives.
They are scrubs and they really do make your skin so soft and glowy. This was a good reminder for me to get them out and use them, cause some how I got out of the habit.
Really think I would like to order the mud mask for sure.................sounds really great............and marvelous your hubby noticed......his comments sound like the comments of most guys I have to say.............but hey, at least he
noticed!! lol you are a smart woman to take it in the spirit in which it was intended....
altho maybe not eloquently spoken!

Thanks for coming by to visit and view my
Holyland experience photos, so funny, you were right in that area just a few days before.
So glad you had a nice Christmas with your daughter and family. Yes, holyland was very busy the day we went and we were surprised,
but guess we should have known since everything touristy is crazy at that time of year with the kids being out of school. We went to Epcot around the same time a few years ago...............what a mistake, in all our years of going there we had never seen it so packed.......never again!! lol
I will post the rest of the pics next week probably just in case you would want to see them.

Well, you have an abundantly blessed, Happy and Healthy New year hon,

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

This sounds really cool..., would make sense for me to use, right!! Yummm..., so far I've been using just regular exfoliating scrub before sleep that's all. Nothing seems to prevent wrinkles anyways, so I have not put any thought or energy into skin care..., except, staying out of the sun.

Anonymous said...

I love the product and the sales girls but when you call any of the 407 numbers, they are extremely rude!! Like I said I love the product but I really dont know if I will buy again because they are so rude.

Streamlynk Blueprint said...

I like the product, but the people running the show are RUDE. Melissa Sweiss (owner) is clueless as well. It has also hindered me from buying more product. Since every time I've had such a negative encounter with this location, it has since made me look for another source.
How you manage your customer service, reflects on how well your business will do. And you have lost my business. So please stop sending out the $10.00 store credit gifts ( you actually have to spend $30, so it's not a store credit)

Unknown said...

I have you bought there product when i was visiting orlando for vacation. Every since i started using there soaps my face and my skin have so much better. I finally have my acne under controls and it does not dry my skin out. It works well for me.