Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Could We Talk A Little Bit About Paula?

     This morning I happened to see one more posting about how Paula Deen should be held accountable for "misleading" the public into eating food that could kill them. I have heard this said in various ways since it came out earlier this month that she has Type 2 Diabetes. This morning, the person who posted about it on my Facebook page linked a listing of Paula's 10 "deadliest recipes".

    I don't often use my blog to discuss what might be a controversial topic, but today I wanted to say what I was thinking and see how you all felt about it. I'm a Paula Deen fan. I admire a woman who was completely down on her luck and created her own business selling sandwiches from a wagon to help support her boys. I visited her first small restaurant in Savannah before she was a household name and she was right out there cleaning off tables and talking to the customers. I feel as if that even with all of her fame, she has stayed pretty humble and seems grateful for the life she has. When I heard she had diabetes, I felt badly for her...not angry.

     It seems to me that anyone who cares enough to prepare a Paula Deen recipe is smart enough to know it isn't health food. Anyone who can afford the ingredients, afford the magazine or afford cable television is probably intelligent enough to realize that if it has a pound of butter, 2 cups of cream and a few cups of cheese in isn't good for you. I have never heard Paula suggest that you make her recipes 3 meals a day and eat nothing else. I've also never heard her claim to be a "healthy" cook.

     So, where does it stop if the media and the public are going to criticize her for causing others to have health issues or premature death? What about the other cooking shows? The Neeley's comes to mind...with their down home southern cooking. Would Julia Child have made the cut? I seem to remember a lot of butter in her recipes as well. What about our magazines, the Southern Living I got yesterday is full of rich, calorie laden foods.

     Isn't it really our responsibility to eat what is best for us? We all know that a diet of fruits, vegetables and lean meats is healthier than butter, sugar, cream and high fat foods. Don't we have to make the decision for ourselves to try to eat right most of the time and have a Paula Deen treat now and then? I think she only has to be accountable to herself and hopefully by sharing her story she may affect others in a positive way. I wish her well in overcoming this serious disease. I'm off my soap box now...I think I'll go make some macaroni and cheese!


Mosaic Magpie said...

Well Said Sister! I don't get where all the anger is coming from. I hope she turns this whole thing around and starts developing recipes with diabetics in mind.

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I am with you. Nobody in their right mind would think she was misleading the public. When you think of Paula Deen, you think BUTTER. You would have to live on another planet not to know that too much BUTTER is bad for you! I heard her say that she doesn't eat like that every day. The key is moderation.

The media is looking to start a controversy. There aren't very many TV food hosts that make healthy food but no one is saying anything about them. It is because they want to bring down her "empire".

I look up to someone that raised her boys to be good men on her own and you can tell they have great respect for her. Media...get off her back!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Amen! We are supposed to be responsible for ourselves when we get to a certain age (20???). Good for Paula, and Julia, and Nigella and so on and so on and so on. Moderation is the word NOT fat-free!

dee dee said...

You couldn't have stated this better! I agree with you... in fact Madison and I made one of her recipes last night and our cup cakes were yummy thanks to Paula! We as the consumer makes the choice on what to make and how much to eat!
Dee Dee

Barbara F. said...

I could have written these words myself, Sue. Paula's style of cooking is a region's way of cooking for hundreds of years. An old saying is that the South was built on butter and sugar. Personally our entire country, I think! Paula has always cautioned people about moderation, I have been watching her shows for at least 8 years. No one has a gun put to their head to eat this and not that. We all have free will. xo

Unknown said...

Well spoken, Sue ... tho I am not a Paula Deen fan.

No one is forcing anyone to eat or even prepare her recipes ... Paula is NOT causing another to have medical issues because of her recipes, either. As she said, clearly the other day ... even she now is learning moderation in her eating.

Have a great day~

Traci said...

I completely agree. If you don't know that starting with a stick of butter isn't good you have bigger problems that healthy eating. I just don't understand why people are always trying to blame someone else. Our health is our responsibility!

Priscilla said...

I have Type II, as well. I have always eaten a well balanced diet, exercised, and watched my weight. My family history includes diabetes - so it is not always your food that is the culprit. I don't think it is right for people to jump on her for this. It is becoming a "Baby-Boomer epidemic". Besides, she is only cooking what she knows from her upbringing.
I lived for a time in Texas, and Nashville. Not being a southerner, I'm not "traditional southern food". As a sweet Texas native lady put it, "the 4 Texas food groups are Brown, Fried, Mashed, and Sweet", and as I experienced it, that was about right. We gained weight both times we lived down there. I have also lived in several European countries and on the West coast, where the thinking is, fresh is best.

Blondie's Journal said...

You put it very well, Sue! I always felt that I was watching the Food Network to learn how to cook, not eat. WE make those choices.

I am such a big Paula Deen fan and I stand behind her. I just wish she was not making a profit for endorsing the diabetes medication. That part seems a little strange. What are your thoughts on that aspect?


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I also, am not a fan.
Just another example of how many want to hold someone else responsible for their on bad decisions.
I will stop now before I get to carried away. :-D

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Right on Sister Sue..They way I look at this is no one holds a fork to your head and tells you to cook and eat..And that goes for all the fast foods..We all know what is healthy for us to eat..Great post my dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I totally agree with you. It is OUR resposibility to manage our own health and eating habits. People are not idiots. They know that buter, fried foods, cream, etc., etc. are not good for you but if you make the decision to eat them, that is YOUR CHOICE!! She isn't shoving food down anyone's throat for cryin out loud! Great post! XO, Pinky

Linda said...

Very well put!! I know when I watch most of the cooking shows that most of the food is way too rich for my doesn't stop me from watching Diners and Dives and drooling over the food...just means you watch it and have it for a treat once in a the way...Paula Dean's Monster cookies are the best!!

Lynn said...

Yep, no one puts a gun to our heads and makes us eat anything. Personally, I've used her recipes and tried to "lighten" them up a bit:@)

Low Tide High Style said...

I'm not a fan, nor do I dislike Paula Deen and you couldn't have said it better. Of course most people would rather blame someone else than take responsibility for their own actions, so now she gets to be the scapegoat! Great post!

Kat :)

xinex said...

I agree with you, Sue. Southern food in general is fatty anyway so it is up to us to limit it. Basically it is our responsibility to pick nd shoose what we prepare and eat. They just make recipes available for us...Christine

bj said...

YAY...clap clap clap...wolf whistle between teeth...STANDING OVATION...
You are so spot on.
Our whole entire generation of people are so quick to want to put the blame on someone else. FOR ANYTHING...just like our present president. It just beat all I've ever seen that folks won't take responsibility for what they do....that they want to blame EVERYone else.
Good grief....the woman that spilled coffee on her legs because SHE HAD THE DANG CUP BETWEEN HER LEGS and then sued MCdONALDS. Goofiest most stupid thing.
Yep, I admire Paula for her sucessfulness....and I seldom, if EVER, make one of her recipes.
Thanks, sweetie.....
xo bj

Lori R. said...

Stupid people say stupid things. Don't forget the guy that tried to sue one of the fast food chains because of his obesity that he claimed was brought on by their super sized meals. PLEEEEASE people. Use your heads and quit blaming others for your self inflicted problems.

nannykim said...

I hear her son has a new show that is dealing with healthy food. So that is a nice thing! My MIL and I used to always joke about the heart attack food she prepared along with the barefoot contessa. The barefoot contessa always had cream or butter---we would always say, ok, lets see how she uses the butter or cream today! Yup, it is crazy to criticize. however I often wish there would be more shows and mag articles on healthy living. A lot of mags will have one or 2 vegan , or low fat recipes, and then about 25 really bad for you recipes. Or they will have an article about diet and exercise and then have a dozen cake recipes. My hubby and I always joke about this! I guess it is AMerican lol

Gypsy Heart said...

I totally agree! It's really no one's business.

She's often said she doesn't eat the food she cooks on TV regularly. It seems the media has overlooked that. I despise how the media pounces on anyone in a "down" type situation and creates havoc unnecessarily. Very sad for our country and individuals.

Rock on!

Kathleen said...

I agree too. No one makes us eat fatty foods or drink alcohol.
I am not a fan of Paula, but once again the media had to make an issue of it.