Monday, July 11, 2011

The Ultimate Before and After

     It was a busy weekend for us. Thankfully, it is over and we no longer have to start every sentence with "after the auction"! It was also a "full circle" event for us. Our fathers worked for the same company for decades. At some point back in the early 70's, they (who lived in different towns) decided to have a yearly auction together. My husband and I got to know each other at these yearly sales and one year after the auction we started dating. The auctioneer at our father's auctions was Bill Huber, his son Rudy Huber was the auctioneer for us on Saturday.

     The auction was a success. It was harder for my sister-in-law than I think she expected. My husband actually did well at the auction, his sadness and stress came in the days before. On the way home his comment was that it was difficult to think of all of the things that had always been in his parent's home, scattered all over the country. We had people there from Texas, Arizona and who knows where else. We also learned that an auction is all about teamwork. The Huber Auction Team did a great job for us. Not only did we have them do the auction, we also had them sort, wash, pack, move and do the set up. It increased our expenses by quite a bit to do so, but there was no way that my husband and his sister could have done it. Lee, from the Huber team took such care with the items and made sure to pull out things he found that he thought the "kids" might want. He earned every penny. Our only "sticker shock" was the cost of advertising. is expensive to list auctions in the newspapers! However, without advertising you don't get your crowd.

     The really good news is that my in-law's house also sold at the auction. While they didn't get quite what they had hoped to get, they decided to take the offer. They are both so busy and so tired. They are ready to be done with this part of losing their parents.

     We were so blessed that my in-law's church allowed us to have the auction there. It was a very hot day, but we had seating, air-conditioning, large restrooms and the wonderful ladies of the Savoy Methodist Church serving a wonderful lunch. The people of the church have been so wonderful to all of us. I wish I lived closer, I would be attending that church.

Magazines anyone? They actually all sold to one buyer!

Schoenhut Toys...valuable!

Beautiful antique furniture...doesn't sell very well these days.
The large secretaries and cabinets were the deals of the day. 
These pieces would have brought so much more back
in the days we used to attend auctions.

My father-in-law had already sold about 50 peddle cars
earlier this year. He was addicted to them.

Rudy and Linda Huber...working hard and having some fun.

We kept adding chairs, we had a great crowd.

The up, the last items being
picked up and everyone exhausted.

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Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Glad to hear that the day went well. I am sure that you are relieved to have that finished, now time to exhale.

Barbara F. said...

I am glad you had wonderful support for the auction and it went well. Glad it is behind you now. xo,

Pondside said...

What an event. I'm glad to read that it went so well, but am sure the relief at it being over is the best. Lovely that you could work with a team that is so supportive and professional.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Glad it all went well. I know you all are glad that is behind you now.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

So happy it all went well. That's a huge undertaking. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

Bill said...

Hi Sue,

I think that was very wise to let the auction company handle all the preparations for the sale. I loved your "full circle" story. There's something poetic about the way it all came together. While I was visiting, I checked out your recent tablescape -- beautiful and so fresh looking. Nicely done!

Have a great week,

mountain mama said...

i know all the feelings that along with something like that, so glad it went well as is over!

Ricki Treleaven said...

I know you are so happy that it is over, and that the auction was a success.

bj said...

I am so glad it is all over for ya'll. So glad the auction and sale of the house made everyone feel better.
xo bj

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sue Sweetie...
My heart just wept at this post sweet one. While I am so happy for you both that everything is over and now DH can move forward, it is so hard to see every single thing of your parents laid out on tables and in one room, and watch it being sold piece by piece. Remembering the comfort of each item when you walked by them. (I remember when we went through that with Tony's folks and it was so hard.)

They had so many beautiful pieces. I spied several I fell in love with. How wonderful that the church helped in giving you all a place to set up, and have the auction. God always provides doesn't he?

My heart and love to you both. I know it is going to be hard for a long time. We never get over losing a loved one, we just learn to live with it. Keep pulling those memories from the books in your minds. They get you through.

Hugs, hugs and more hugs to you sweet one. Love from Phoenix, Sherry

J Rodney said...

Wow, Sue it must have been an emotional day for everyone. I am glad to hear that it was a success though, and I am sure that this means a lot less stress for all of you.

xinex said...

I can imagine how emotional that would have been for the children. I am glad it is over and was successful. I would have loved to have one of those secretaries....Christine

Gypsy Heart said...

I am truly amazed at all the items...their home must have been full of treasures. I know that all of you are so relieved to have this behind you. I think it's wonderful that their church allowed you the space and were so kind and helpful. Sounds like the auction company were very reputable and helpful too.

I know what this feels like. My heart goes out to all of you but now you can move forward in the healing process.


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a successful auction. There were some wonderful items there; wish I had been in the audience!