Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thank You...Passing Along The Love

     I started my blog on August 14th, with no idea what I was doing or if anyone would ever read a word of it. I came from 3 years of writing on a website with others and I was ready for a change. My daughter and I had an idea for a "mom" blog that wasn't about young children, but geared more towards anyone interested in some basic decorating ideas, recipes and helpful hints. It wasn't long after I started this blog that I knew I also wanted a place to discuss some of the fun and interesting things we found in our travels around our part of the country. Hidden Treasures of the Midwest was born on September 1st. I have been having a great time exploring Blogville and getting to know some of the other bloggers around here. I have "met" people younger than my kids and a few that are almost my parent's age and I enjoy every one of them. I have been re-energized to spruce up my fall decorations, try some new recipes and look everywhere for things that will set an interesting table. I have read things that have made me think, laugh and cry. In other words, I like it here. 

     Two of my favorite bloggers, Charisse and Holly @ Life Laugh Latte gave me my first award today, the Honest Scrap award. Say that three times fast and you will see why I'm thrilled with it. Charisse and Holly talk about anything and everything that women can relate to and guys would probably learn from. Their video conversations make you feel as if you are in the room with them. In fact, I often wish I could be there. If you haven't been to their blog, you simply must check it out.

One of the best parts about getting an award, is passing it on. So, I'm passing this award on to three women I would love to have coffee with.

Gloria @ Happy to Be who is celebrating her 1 year anniversary in Blogland this week. Gloria says what she thinks. She's a very spunky great-grandmother who enjoys telling a joke and sharing her love of antiques. She also was one of the first people to visit my blog and she keeps coming back.

Koralee @ Bluebird Notes who always makes me smile with her creative pictures and happy words. She is also one of my first visitors and I'm so glad our paths crossed here.

Carla @ botanicals and beginnings who lives in my second favorite state of Michigan. Her pictures of the area around Lake Michigan are beautiful, as is the jewelry she makes. She sells gorgeous beads and jewelry in her etsy shop and her blog is worth your visit.

Thank you Charisse, Holly and everyone who takes a moment to stop at "I Need Mom"!


Glennis said...

Great links!! good to know them.

Silly Bus said...

It is a very nice and good post. Keep up the good work.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM Sweet Sue...Girl I feel so honored that you picked me for this great award....and Please don't take me wrong...but I have choosen to be award and tags free about 4 months it was just to hard for me to pass them on when I love all my blogger friends...But THANK YOU so much for thinking of me...your the best Sue...Hope you have a great day on your side of the mountain my friend..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Sue said...

g-they are all well worth a visit.

KM-thanks for visiting.

Gloria-no worries, I understand completely and as many as you were probably getting, it would be hard to keep up. At least this way I got to "introduce" you to a few people.

Tammy@InStitches said...

Congrats on your award !

Kathleen said...

Hi Sue,
Isn't blogland full of wonderful people?
So glad you came for a visit..and I enjoyed your tips in the post below...
A male cousin (his mom died when he was young) called to ask my mom if his substitution for baking soda was ok. He had none so he used GINGER ALE..he figured it was soda, so it would be ok! LOL

JUST ME said...

So glad you're blogging. Because I ALWAYS need Mom (which is why my biological one is on speed-dial...)

Life Laugh Latte said...

You know we love you! Glad you love the award. You deserve it. Happy to be your bloggy-friend. Have a great day. Holly at

Sue said...


Kathleen-Ginger Ale? Oh my, wonder what the finished product was like?

jm-It is always interesting to read what you write and I love it when you visit me.

Charisse and Holly-:)

koralee said...

Congratulations on your award and a great big hug and a million thanks for passing it on to me...I feel blessed and honored my friend. I really don't know what I would do without your lovely blog...I don't know how many of your fabulous recipes I have tried and loved! You really are a dear!

Wee-Wynnie said...

You've come a long way in a short time. I love your blogs. They are so witty and charming. Coming from the same website you talk about, I know what you are talking about. You've inspired me to do this myself. Give me a little time to find my niche and then I'll be off and running.