Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Corn and Chicken Chowder (Crockpot)

I love soup. I love it all year long, but the cooler temperatures make me want to have a pot simmering all the time. This chowder is one of our favorites. I'm not sure where I got the original recipe.


Boneless, skinless chicken tenders or breasts. I used 10 chicken tenders for this batch, about 3 large breasts would be about the same amount of chicken.
1 cup chopped celery
1 cup chopped carrots (I used baby carrots for this, I was in a hurry)
2 cups frozen corn
2 cans cream of potato soup
1 ½ cups chicken broth
1 tsp. dried dill weed (optional)
½ cup half and half (you could use milk, it would lower the calories and still be good)

     Put everything except the half and half into the crock-pot in the order listed and stir gently (it won't be pretty). I put my chicken in frozen. My slow cooker has a 4 hour setting, and that is what I used. I would suggest 4-6 hours depending on the style and settings for your slow cooker. Just before you are ready to serve the soup, take 2 forks and pull the chicken apart into bite size pieces and stir in the half and half. Enjoy!


Maria said...

Oh this looks AMAZING! I KNOW my son, Jason (21) will LOVE this!

Thanks!!! ~Maria

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Hi Sue,
This recipe looks so good! I think I'll make this tomorrow. We love soup in our house.
Thanks for the great recipe.

J Rodney said...

You make it all seem so simple.

Life Laugh Latte said...

I'm all over it! I'm always looking for a good crockpot recipe. Thanks for sharing. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com