Monday, January 4, 2010

Worth It! Gilchrist-Gilchrist

     I'm sure that many of you are just like me. We read magazines, tearing out projects we want to make, recipes to try and places we'd love to visit. Often, the projects are never completed, the recipes never prepared and the trip never taken. Sometimes, if you actually follow many find it was worth the effort!

     We generally stay in Nashville, TN on our way home from Florida. Last week, we didn't make it that far. A morning migraine and the traffic from hell slowed us down. We ended up spending the night south of Atlanta, arriving in Nashville around noon the second day. I generally stop at my favorite place to buy loose tea while in Nashville and that was already in the plans for the day. I also was armed with a torn out page from the December issue of Southern Living Magazine. The issue had featured the Nashville home of Genia and Glenn Gilchrist. It also talked about Genia's shop (she runs it with her mom) Gilchrist-Gilchrist...I knew I had to check it out.

     Lucky for me, the shop was only 2 miles from my "tea stop" and it was my wedding anniversary, so my husband wouldn't tell me we didn't have time. We pulled onto a cute little street of what obviously had been residential, to find Genia's shop and a few others. Genia was chatting with a friend when we entered and I immediately knew that she was the kind of woman who could easily be a friend. All I could think about when I walked in was how so many of my friends from Blogland would go crazy in this great little store. It was a sea of whites...both vintage and new. I don't even decorate with the shabby chic look and I wanted everything. Genia was very generous in letting me take a few pictures to share with all of you.

     Of course I didn't leave empty handed. I seemed to focus on trees, and was lucky it was after my tree purchases were half price. The other item I forgot to take a picture of was delicious Lip Balm from Tokyomilk in Opera Mint. If you have never seen this line of soap, lip balms and perfumes...check it out. The packaging alone is worth the price and the lip balm is wonderful.

     Gilchrist-Gilchrist is located at 2825 Bransford Avenue in Nashville, TN. They aren't on the web, but you can call them at 615-385-2122.


Blondie's Journal said...

Thanks for the tip. I love Nashville and next time I go... I do love all the whites and shabby chic...that is very much a part of my decor, so I am sure I would have gone nuts in this shop!! I have some perfume from Tokyomilk and love it! Did you buy anything?? I am still drooling!

Thanks, Sue!!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks like my kind of lace to shop. I am past due for a trip in that direction. I had planned to go to Franklin in Oct. or Nov., but other things happened. Beautiful country in Middle TN.

Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

This is my kind of store! Unfortunately, I have no idea if I will ever end up in Nashville. Never know though, there's a few things in those pics that I would love to have.

btw, yes I do understand why the cold here didn't bother you, BUT I'm freezing in the mornings at 33 degrees! Wondering if my plumerias are going to survive, along with other tropicals that are not used to these temps for so long.

heartnsoulcooking said...

Hi Sue,
I have a Fabulous Award for you come by and receive it, follow the direction and pass it on.

dee dee said...

I'm so excited that you were able to visit this beautiful shop and then share it with us! I love the creams and whites, simply breathtaking! Great tree!... Dee Dee

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Just found your blog. I always do that, tear out recipes & scrapbooking projects etc... & never get to them.

Holly said...

What a fantastic store. next time we head that way to visit hubby's relatives I want to explore more places like this!

honeysuckle said...

That store looks like a winner to me too! Did you buy some of the little bottlebrush trees? I love them. How nice of your husband to indulge you for the day too. Have a great week!

jenjen said...

Wow - it looks like such a fun place to visit! What a cute little tree! Happy 2010!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh, that looks really fun! So neat that you remembered it from a magazine article! Oh, and Happy Belated Anniversary too! Cindy

The Bloom Girls said...

Hi Sue,
Thank you for your comment. I live about a mile from Gilchrist and Gilchrist. I've been several times...they use to occupy both houses, but recently rented out the cottage next door to a darling little shop called Manor. Be sure to stop by there the next time you are in town.

The Bloom Girls

xinex said...

I would really enjoy browsing through that store, Sue. Thanks for sharing it. You brought home some nice items...Christine

Chrissy said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! You were dead on,I could live there!! Thanks!!!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

You are right. This is a wonderful place and somewhere I will stop if I get down that way. Wonderful. I am going back to your other post where you asked blog questions and see what the answers are. thanks for taking the time to comment on my "blog block".