Monday, April 14, 2014

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

     A few bunnies have shown up around my house in the past few days. The baby above must have slipped away from her mama as she was sitting in the backyard for a while and we kept the big bad beagle away until she was gone, hopefully back to her nest. I really wanted to pick her up and cuddle her, but I knew her mother might not take her back if I did.  
     My other bunnies aren't nearly as cute, but at least I did bring a little Easter into the house. When we were in  Florida in March I found a William Sonoma Outlet and bought these cute little bunny plates. I actually did a tablescape, not for the blog, just for me. It had been a long time and I forget how nice it makes the house look to have a pretty table.

     The only new items are the bunny plates. I had the egg shaped placemats and matching napkins, the flatware I have used many times and the dinner plates are Fiesta. I used my favorite garage sale wine glasses and that was it.

This is my favorite plate!

     The centerpiece is a basket (of course, it is Easter). I used silk flowers that I already had and tried to make them look as real as possible. I added a few eggs and a moss bunny to create a natural, simple look for the table.

     I think it is easy to forget that not all tablescapes have to be elaborate or expensive. Keeping it simple is quick and easy and it is a great way to add a seasonal look to your home without a major decorating project.
     Blogging has obviously taken a back seat to life these days. We have taken on a major project at our house. We are cleaning out, re-packing, decluttering and getting rid of almost 40 years of stuff. We know that an early retirement is coming in the not too distant future and along with that will be a house sale and a major move. We knew we had months of work ahead of us, so we decided to get started. Our first project has been Christmas things. While all of you have been decorating for Easter, I have been going through about 100 boxes of Christmas decorations. Many of our things were already in tubs, but some were in boxes. We are getting rid of things that we either don't use, don't like, or have had for so many years we are just sick of them. The things we are keeping are being packed into tubs and labeled. My goal was to get things down to a dozen tubs, it didn't happen. We probably did cut the Christmas collection in half. Progress. Next up, our kid's toys that they saved. I am loaded with Ghostbusters, Raisin Men, Ninja Turtles, Fraggle Rock, Tonka, Legos, Dolls and all the things that go with them and who knows what else.
     The problem we have is that our kids don't have the room to take their own things and they also don't want us to get rid of them. We also have many, many family pieces that pull at my heart strings. I read an article that was about the challenge of my generation getting rid of things. We have items that belonged to our parents and grandparents (and great-grandparents), we have things that our children want but can't or won't take and of course our own things. One of the quotes was, "that sweater your mother gave you isn't your mother" and I am trying to remember that as I go through things. It is only "sort of" working. I am too sentimental but I truly am trying to only keep things that really mean something to me. This is an all consuming task, but one that needs to be done and should have been done years ago!
     Other than that, not much is happening in our world. We both got sick as soon as we got home from Florida. It took 2 rounds of meds to get me back to close to normal and my husband (who wouldn't call the doctor) is still not 100%. We, like many of you, have been trying to get our yard back to normal after the harsh winter. We mowed over the weekend when it was almost 80 degrees and tonight we have snow in the forecast. Crazy!
     I will be catching up with some of you over the next few days. If there is a post you really want me to read, leave it in the comments please!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

You are doing what I have been dragging my feet at doing. I do a little then have to walk away. As a result my home has been messy off and on for a while now. Pretty table setting. You have decorated more than I have.
Adorable bunny! On the plates also. I have not been to the WS outlet in a log time - still trying to stay out of places like that.
Crazy weather here - back down in the 30's tonight and tomorrow night. :/

Lynn said...

Lovin' that plate where the bunny is looking right at us! Happy Easter Week Sue:@)

Mosaic Magpie said...

The tablescape is beautiful and makes me want to go clear the clutter off my table and decorate too!
Speaking of clearing the clutter you are doing one heck of clean out! Good for you, it will feel so nice once you have completed that task! I need to do the same thing.
We had 80's here on Sunday and I planted quite a few flowers, this morning there was a dusting of snow and a freeze forcast for tonight....will Spring ever come and stay!?!?!
Glad you are feeling better!

xinex said...

I can imagine what a big job getting rid of things are. I can't even imagine where to start when our time comes. We bought a home in fl but that is already full before moving any furniture from Natchez, lol. Anyway, your table is so pretty. The bunny plates are just darling...Christine

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Sue, you are busy busy. I so need to clean out. Have been doing a little at a time. I told my daughter she needed to come get the stuff she left here 7 years ago or I would. Next time my son is down from Nashville I will tell him the same thing. Love those cute bunny plates and that little bunny is most likely too big and no nest to go back too. We had a litter of bunnies two years ago under our pine straw in a hole that I has stepped on and I bunnies were running out under my feet. They were half the tiniest little things. Haven't seen any yet this year.

NanaDiana said...

You are on the same path we are on. I pared down my Christmas stuff and it still FILLS a big area. It is just crazy but I have a hard time letting go of a lot of things, too. Especially family pieces. But, I guess we really are only travelers here and can't take it with us.

I am dreading the downsizing that I know is coming. How did I get this old this fast?

Nice to see you here, Sue. Pop by my blog tomorrow to sign up for my you need ONE MORE THING to pack! xo Diana

Jacqueline said...

Sue, you made me so happy today when I read your comment! You don't know how much that compliment meant - no I am not one of the biggest or even slightly famous blogs, so for you to compliment me so highly made me want to keep blogging! Thanks a million, you are wonderful.

I can't imagine moving. We have been in our home 23 years and every spare inch is stuffed, great planning to start before you have to!

Your live bunny made me melt and then when I saw your adorable plates, I thought they were just as cute. How fabulous! They are just the cutest plates ever. So glad you picked them up.

Red Couch Recipes said...

Sue, I love your charming table. The little moss bunny is so cute, and those bunny plates are definitely something I would love to own. Good luck with all the sorting. It is a difficult, but necessary task. I have almost nothing from my childhood, so I probably have gone a bit overboard and saved too much :). It is a good feeling though to dejunk. It feels like losing weight :). Joni

Kathy said...

That little bunny is so cute. And I love, love, love your bunny plates. They are perfect for the Easter season.

I so need to downsize. I have lived in my house for 34 years (how can that be?) and have all the accumulated things from that time. Retirement is coming up in a few years for me and my husband wants to move from PA to TN to be with his son. There is no way I could move everything I own. But it's so hard to get rid of things. *sigh*

Jenny said...

A Williams and Sonoma outlet?!

Eegads! That would be fun! Love your bunnies!

Kathleen said...

I love those bunny plates. But like you, I have to get rid of things, way too much!
Hope you are well!