Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Food as Art

     We are in the midst of a major heat wave and drought here in South Central Illinois. I'm sure many of you are experiencing the same thing. We have had heat warnings for days and the current one runs until Saturday night. Last night we got about 10 minutes of a light rain, the first in weeks. It was funny to see the neighbors (including us) all go outside when the rain started just to enjoy the moment. I don't know about you, but decorating just isn't something I'm in the mood for right now. 

     After spending most of Saturday afternoon napping and reading, by Sunday afternoon I was stir crazy in the house. I decided to clean my already clean house just to have something to do and I put a few things away that I had sitting on the kitchen counters. Something about this weather makes me want a "less is more" look right now. We had made a trip about 30 miles away on Saturday morning for our first peaches of the season. I love how they look in my wooden bread bowl. I think the natural look this time of year is so much prettier and more artistic than anything you can buy at a gift shop. Plus, the peaches smell so good in the kitchen!

     A stop at an Amish vegetable stand Saturday and we had beautiful "tomato art" as well. There really is nothing like a fresh tomato to scream SUMMER!

     I didn't make a lot of changes in other parts of the kitchen. The cookbook is turned to a summer page, the towel has a beachy look and some colorful favorite cookbooks brighten a spot near the stove.

     You can see a couple Disney items (you can't have a daughter working for Disney and not have a little tribute to Mickey) along with signs my daughter bought me. We use the granite cheeseboard to hold some wine items. I have heat resistant cutting boards in a couple of locations in the kitchen. I don't like the look, but I do like being able to take things from the oven and have a place to put them. I also keep a few trays within reach, propped behind things during the summer months. I think summer should be all about easy. Grab a tray, grab a corkscrew, grab a little Mickey Mouse spredder knife...all within reach for a quick wine and cheese moment!

     My flowers are having a terrible time in the heat, even though we are watering daily. I love the look of a single gladiola on the counter. I'm also going to go out later and fill a vase with fresh basil, rosemary and mint...nothing smells better and it looks pretty too!

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Barbara F. said...

I think everything looks cool and beautiful. I don't like fussiness in the summer months, either. I love using fresh fruits and vegetables for a centerpiece. Too hot to really get involved in things right now. xo

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Your kitchen has a fresh/clean look - I like it a lot. I agree about using the fresh veggies and fruit to decorate with.
I pulled some pics I took about this time last year to create my header.
Meant to stop and get peaches, etc. at a roadside stand the other day, but forgot and did not want to get back out in the heat. Think it was 103 at the time.
Enjoy the 4th !!


I love your kitchen, wish I could go for a visit! I'm loving those peaches, so fresh and summery too. Happy 4th. of July to you and yours. Thanks for the lovely visit.

NanaDiana said...

I so look forward to fresh peaches every year- I love them fresh but don't care for them canned...weird, I know.

I agree- when it is hot I want clearer counter tops and clean design elements- xo Diana

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh...those peaches look delicious, and the tomatoes, too. Glad to see you have some energy to create some lovely vignettes. This heat is just zapping me. We had a little rain in Michigan, but nothing to keep the flowers from drooping!

Have a Happy 4th and try to stay cool!


Leigh Powell Hines said...

Those tomatoes are gorgeous. We've been having the heat wave, too. Love the tribute to Mickey.

Ricki Treleaven said...

I have been fighting to keep our flowers alive, so I know what you mean about the heat...although we have gotten some rain lately.

We are making peach ice cream today...YAY!!!

Enjoy your 4th!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your kitchen is lovely and I really like all of your vignettes. Such a pretty place to work. Those peaches look amazing. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Gypsy Heart said...

I totally agree with you Sue...just too hot to have much going on. It's been hot here & high humidity but so far, nothing like the 73 days of triple digits we had last summer. I pray that doesn't return.

Your kitchen items look wonderful! I love, love fresh tomatoes...and peaches too. The fragrance of fresh peaches just can't be beat! I also like the fresh herbs scattered about.

I'm sorry I haven't returned your sweet email. Just have been so sad and not on the computer much.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

dee dee said...

Oh your peaches look so yummy! Our neighbor has a peach tree and Wayne and I hope to plant one in the orchard this fall! Our apples and pears are doing great this year and our dear neighbor used the fallen ones I collected for her and made us all applesauce! Stay cool my dear friend!
dee dee

Patrice said...

The peaches look very refreshing!

Maria said...

Hi Sue!
Just stopping by to catch up and say hello!
Yes, the heat is something else!
Chris and I have been painting the upstairs of our house... not good weather for it...but it had to be done! So long overdue!
I bought peaches yesterday too... They looked really good and I think the dryness made me choose such a juicy yummy fruit!
I've been eating a cup of cherries every day as well. They are amazing this year!
I love all your kitchen "vingettes" ~ your kitchen is lovely, by the way!
Wishing you some cool breezes and some more summertime relaxation!
Looking forward to digging into the books I reserved for summer reading... Have to finish painting and cleaning the upstairs first!
I'd better get back up there now :D
*blessings always*
~ Maria

6Jellybeans said...

Love your kitchen...you've inspired me on what to do with the wall space under the counter and the corner shelf is perfect too! Thanks!