Thursday, June 16, 2011

Waterford and Quilts...A Unlikely Pairing

     I had every intention of creating a tablescape this week, but when my husband warned me "don't go to the basement" I decided to listen to him. My dish room is down there and this week, he is sorting through the many boxes of paperwork and photos that he brought in from his parent's house. After 36 years, he knows what will stress me out and piles of papers, pictures and trash...not great for me. So, I am sharing a bit of "show and tell" with you today. 

     June 7th was my husband's 35th anniversary at his job. He was given a catalog to pick an award gift. They were all wonderful choices. I encouraged him to go for the custom made golf clubs or the man's diamond ring. He said he didn't get to golf often enough and that he had just gotten his dad's ring. Personally, I would have chosen the iPod Touch with the Bose speakers, but I'm the techie in this house and he isn't. I didn't know what he had chosen until after the fact...and look what he got.

A Waterford Lismore ice bucket and
6 goblets recently took up residence in our china cabinet.

     It is a beautiful set although I'm still a bit shocked this is what he selected. He said he wanted something that would last for generations and this will if I don't break it first! We've decided after finding all the things his parents didn't use, that we are going to enjoy what we have rather than "save" it for some time in the future that never comes. So, if you come to my may just have your Coke in Waterford while you eat your pizza!

Now for the quilts...

     My husband's grandmother made beautiful quilts. His mother made me promise when she got sick that I would make my husband and his sister split the quilts and not sell them. Of course, they never would have sold them anyway. They split them last week and I thought I'd share the ones that came to our house. The last two pictured we already had. I could really use some help with these pattern names if you know them. The above blue and white is going to live with my daughter.

I love how she must have run out of material and just "made do" with what she had.

I always love a basic old-fashioned quilt.

     This one was my husband's first choice. It is well loved and well worn. This was on his bed as he grew up. He had forgotten all about it and it brought back great memories for him. His bedroom had red shag carpet (ugh). Pattern???

This one is smaller than the rest and is going to my son
 because of the browns and darker colors.

We've had this yellow one a few years.
It lives at the foot of my guestroom bed.

     This one is my favorite. My husband's grandmother made it specifically for him. His mother finally let him take it home about 15 years ago. I remember at the time she told me that if we split up, he got the quilt. Uh...we had already been married 20 years. If we split up, the least of my worries would have been the quilt. It has a square for each of the 48 states (a clue to the age of the quilt). The name of the state and the state flower are shown in each square. I think of how much work must have gone into this beautiful piece.

I am joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch
for Tablescape Thursday.
I know this isn't a tablescape,
but won't they make wonderful table coverings?
Please take a moment to visit Susan!


Barbara F. said...

Sue, I flipped out a little with this post, when I had my 25 year anniversary with the bank I worked at, I chose service for 8 of Waterford Lismore, water and wine stems, a pitcher and a decanter!!!! And the quilts are beautiful. I love the one with the state flowers. Your husband's grandma was too funny! xo,

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh...the glasses and pitcher are just gorgeous! How sweet that your husband picked this out! Waterford is just timeless!

Love the quilts, too. You are going to need an awfully big quilt rack. I love the one with the state flowers, the Illinois square is my favorite! ;-D


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Nice gift! The quilts are very pretty and real treasures to have. Lots of work went into making them. I am of no help on the patterns. quilts and she may be able to help you with the names.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh, they are all such wonderful quilts. I've made a couple and definitely know how much work they are. These are all gorgeous. Your waterford is fabulous. Congrats on his live long career. That is so unusual these days. Hugs, Marty

Linda said...

I am also no use in the names of the quilts...I just enjoy them...and so will you! I love making things for others and I can imagine these ladies making these lovely quilts thinking about the person thesy were making them for...wonderful memories there! Great gift your husband chose!

La said...

Hi Sue!

How wonderful that your husband chose something you could both enjoy. His grandmother was so talented. I love each one of these fabulous quilts.

I hope you are having a wonderful day! La

Gail said...

Such a variety of types of quilts.
Your husband is such a dear, using "his" catalog choice for the whole family to enjoy.

Ricki Treleaven said...

WOW!!! Your husband just won major cuteness points for his selection. The title of this post has two of my favorite things: Waterford crystal and quilts! Amazing post.

Anonymous said...

Those quilts are truly beautiful. How wonderful that they are family heirlooms as well.

How sweet of your husband to choose the Waterford items for his gift. I do hope you both use and enjoy those lovelies!

bella said...

Your husband is amazing. He was very unselfish in choosing something you would both enjoy that will last for years to come. Waterford is the best and I love that pattern. The quilts you received are beyond beautiful.. My favorite is the one with the states too.

Pat@BAck Porch Musings said...

I love quilts. These are not only beautiful, but amazing! Love the stories that go with them.

The Waterford is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

I love quilts and have quite a collection of pieces made by different family members. I love seeing yours and can appreciate each one having special significance.

BrightenedBoy said...

Hey, this is unrelated to the post, but I just saw your last comment on my site.

I'm really sorry that you've had to deal with so much hardship lately. I'll be praying for you and for God to bolster you up.

xinex said...

I love all the quilts but my favorite is the yellow one. It looks so dainty. I can tell from this post that your husband is very unselfish, picking the Waterford crystal rather than something personal for himself. They are stunning, Sue, and I know how Waterford crystals just shine..Christine

Sophie said...

I love that last quilt and that pinkish one with the ninja stars. I wish someone, anyone in the fam made quilts.

Sophie said...

Oh, and if Missy does finally decide on that school down south we might finally get to meet IRL....and then I will be expecting coke in Waterford with the pizza!

bj said...

Oh, Suz...what a sweet sweet man you have. He chose those because he knew you would love them. Nearly brings tears to my eyes...

The quilts are priceless and will be handed down and down and down thru the generations.
Wonderful post.
xo bj

Angie said...

Those are such beautiful quilts, Sue! It's amazing how special handmade things are, especially when you know they're made with love. What a neat surprise with the Waterford :)

Maddycakes Muse said...

I miss you Sue! I love quilts as well but not the hubby. He is totally into modern and I love traditional and antiques. I don't know how we get along! :)
Glad to see that you are well.

Rettabug said...

I hope, when I'm dead & gone that somebody cherishes the quilts I've made 1/2 as much as these. I think the second one down, with the blue fabric used to finish it, is called "Court House Steps" & the white star with the pink & brown is called "Friendship Star".

Here is a site where you can spend HOURS looking up quilt block patterns & also learn how to construct them.

Have fun!

Sue said...

Your husband definitely performed an unselfish act when he chose the Waterford for you, Sue. I chuckled when you said you might be serving a Coke in the wine glasses! I say, why not? We put things away and don't use them- so silly. I think I'll bring my glasses out next time someone visits!
~ Sue