Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dessert for Two

     As I prepare to post my tablescape, I am watching the devastation in Alabama on the television. In December, we stayed at a resort between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa on our way home from Florida. It is a beautiful part of the country with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. It seems a bit frivolous to me to be posting about a “tea party” when so many have lost their lives, their homes and their communities. My heart goes out to those affected and to our blog friends that live in the areas that were hit by the storms. Living in Illinois, tornadoes are something we have all seen. I have never seen anything like the images I am seeing this morning. My prayers are with them.

     Years ago I bought this little folding table at a Cracker Barrel porch sale. It is now in my "garage sale" pile that I'm accumulating, but I decided to use it for a tablescape before it goes to a new home.

     I used my wedding Fostoria Buttercup dessert plates so the pattern of the table would show through. Our every day stainless spoons were just fine for the two of us.

The teacups are are English bone china.

A crystal cream and sugar with a little
teapot spoon compliment the table.

I used a simple, white stoneware teapot.

A round piece of vintage linen is a perfect
place to sit the teapot, vase and cream and sugar.

A closer look at the painted tabletop.

By candlelight you can see that dessert was added to the table.
The pudding was still warm, so the whipping cream was melting fast!

I am joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch for
Tablescape Thursday. Please take time to visit
our wonderful hostess!



So sweet! Lovely and nicely done! LOVE that overhead shot!! Thanks for sharing over at Susan's Tablescape Thursday! xo

:D Lynda

Barbara F. said...

Sue, everything about you is so lovely and gracious. I too am overwhelmed by the severe weather that is happening in various parts of the country. In the NYC area, we never really worried about tornadoes. Yet late last summer one touched down in several boroughs and wreaked havoc. There were tornado watches in upstate NY yesterday. Keeping all those affected in my prayers.....

But this tea for two is so pretty. Love the table, wish I lived closer so I could stop by your "future" yard sale. xo,

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

looks beautiful....and yummy!!

Janette@The2Seasons said...

What a beautiful, and dare I say, romantic table.

La said...

Hi Sue!

What a cute little table. I love the tea cup with the Lillies of the Valley, very sweet.

Mother Nature can be so cruel. Bless those who found themselves in the path of these storms.

Linda said...

Great little table scape. I am also amzed by the weather going on all around. It has been very nice here the last few days. My neighbors are in Arkansas picking up their Grandchildren because their daughter is being deployed to the Middle east for 6 months and they called to say that a tornado was 3 miles away...hard to hear...we don't get those sort of things here in my area.

Gypsy Heart said...

Sue, my heart is heavy too ~ so much loss and devastation. Those storms moved through here on Tuesday and they were frightening. I so wish that I had a way to get my "excess" to these people.

Your table is beautiful, as usual!

Donnie said...

There is so much sadness on the news any more that it seems to be affecting me more and more. That is a lovely tablesetting and I appreciate you.

bj said...

I love that little painted table. Waaay cute.:)

Patrice said...

It was a very scary night - my daughter's friend at University of Alabama watched the tornado from her dorm window. The death toll is almost unreal.

Your tablescape is a nice little escape.

Christa said...

I am so happy that my family living in Birmingham is fine - only a few trees down. All of our prayers are with others not so fortunate. Your table is a perfect diversion to stormy weather! Love the Fostoria plates!

Maria said...

HI Sue!
Your sweet table setting is just lovely. The table is great! I LOVE the lily of the valley teacup set too. Everything looks wonderful right down to the warm pudding!
Yes, we need to pray for the people who were so devastatingly affected by these storms and tornadoes!
I just noticed that I titled my recent post the same as yours from the other day! It seems to be on our minds... all this rain! So very glad to see the front blow away this afternoon!
My heart is very sad for the people of Alabama today.
God bless you always, Sue*

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

I feel the same way Sue! I have been out in my garden cleaning the extensive damage our incredible winter did "BUT" I'm not complaining. Instead I've been praying for all these terrible weather patterns to even out and calm down so "Everyone can smell the flowers of life once more"! The Poor Poor people who have lost loved ones, "My heart aches for them"... Thank you for mentioning what I think we are all sharing right now...Love for our fellow man...
Your little table is darling...Don't you want to keep it now that it's a "Star"???
Big Hugs to you,

Kathleen said...

Now why would you sell that? Does it fold? Perfect for a concert in the park to hold your snacks and beverages!
Cute little scape for 2!

Rosie Goins said...

I really love your sweet scape for 2. Oh, and don't sell that cute table.

My heart also aches for the pain affecting the folks in my home state of Alabama.

LindyLouMac said...

I just love your English bone china, but then I would :)

Ricki Treleaven said...

Your tablescape is lovely. Thanks so much for the kind words for us here in Alabama. We need some "pretty" in our lives...anything to cheer us up is not frivolous, I've decided!

Ricki Jill

Karen said...

Yes, we feel quite helpless all the way out in CA. We can only watch and pray.
I love your little table! I wish I could come to your garage sale!
ANd you did a great job with this table scape. I could plunk down there and totally enjoy myself!.
Have a wonderful week!

Monica H said...

What were you standing on to get that overhead shot? I like it!