Saturday, November 27, 2010

Siesta Key Sandsculpting Competition-How Do They Do That?

     I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been so busy the past couple of days that my blogging has slowed down to almost a crawl. When I have had time to sit down, I can't stay awake. Today is also going to be a busy day, so I was really glad when my dad sent me these pictures last night and I could share them with you. A few days ago, my dad strolled over to the public beach to check out the the sand sculpture competition. I've never seen one of these myself, but I've always wanted to. I am in awe at what these artists can do with a little sand, a lot of talent and according to my dad...a spray bottle of water mixed with a little white glue. I want to thank my dad for his "guest blog"!

Dad said the artist told him that all of these "things" are
pouring out the guy's nose. When asked if that just
evolved as he went along, the artist said "that is the way it works"!

I think this one is y favorite. I love
 the flowers, do you see the ladybug?

The next two photos show the overall winner, Circle of Life.

I think this photo shows you just how beautiful Siesta Key is.
I feel very lucky my parents have been living there for many years.
It is a great place to think of as my second home!

The view from dad's balcony when he got home.

I am going to join The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.
This certainly isn't seasonal where I live, but it is seasonal
if you live in paradise!


The Charm of Home said...

Oh, how neat. I love Siesta Key's sugar sand it is just gorgeous! What neat sand sculptures. Thanks to your Dad.

La said...

Wow! These pictures are beautiful, Sue. I've always wanted to go down to the Keys. This makes me want to go sooner rather than later.

Your new holiday look is fantastic! La said...

Sue, these are great pictures. Wish I was there but I'm still in PA. Should be leaving by Christmas to spend the rest of winter at my home in southwest Florida. Your Dad did a great job. Jude

Shellbelle said...

I also love sand sculpting competitions and am amazed by what the artists can do. I've never been to the one in Siesta Key, but have been to several here in my area.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (I'm sure you did) and that the holidays continue to bring you much joy, peace and a little sleep! Hugs.

dee dee said...

These are beautiful! I always find it amazing just what people can create out of everyday objects... like sand! Thank your dad for sharing with us!
Dee Dee

Julie@beingRUBY said...

That's some sandcastles Sue!!
Truly some people are so clever... I took a shot of a guy building a sand castle in Noosa.. but really.. it's got nothing on these!!

Have a fabulous weekend.... thinking of you!! ciao ciao xxx Julie

Pondside said...

I love to see the sand castle competition at Harrison Lake every summer. It's incredible, what can be done with sand, water and the bit of sticky stuff!

Drawn to The Sea said...

The creativity of the folks that make the sand sculptures never ceases to amaze... not to mention the patience. White glue? Who knew?

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

That is just amazing Sue!
Tell your Dad thanks for the pics. How do they ever do this? I am in awe.
And I want to be somewhere warm right now sooo bad!

LindyLouMac said...

The sand sculptures are amazing, thankyou to your Dad for taking these so you were able to show us.

Kathleen said...

Thank you to Dad! Those are amazing! Siesta Key has a very beautiful reputation! Lucky you!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great photos - Your Dad did a great job!
The sand sculptures are gorgeous.
Have a great week.

Jenny said...

Hi Sue! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. I got really behind this weekend, but you popped into my mind...I sent you a little prayer over the holiday thinking you might have been a bit sad!

I've seen these contests up on the Oregon beaches and I thought they were neat there. This sand is so gorgeous, though, I think these sculptures look much prettier!

Traci said...

I've seen pictures like these before & they just amaze me. I can't imagine how it's done. I'd love to watch one of the artist. Thanks for sharing.

Monica H said...

Those are really amazing. They look like cast stone, not sand! I don't know how they do it, but I'm in awe, that's for sure. Thanks to your Dad for sharing the photos with us :-)

Angie said...

Wow, those are incredible! Very talented artists. Thanks for sharing!