Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dad's Coming! Tablescape Thursday

     My dad is coming home today for a couple of weeks. He actually is driving the 1000 miles this time and I will admit that I've worried a little about him making that long trip for the first time alone. When I asked him how it felt, he said it was "boring". I think my mom would be glad to know he was bored without her.

     So many of you have kept my dad in your prayers since my mom died 4 months ago. You have no idea how touched he is when he reads your comments or I tell him about emails that I've received. He told me not long ago that he understands why I love my blog, because the people who read it are so kind.

     Dad has done remarkably well. He misses my mom so much and yet he has made a huge effort to keep going and to enjoy his life. He has been to visit my Disney daughter twice. He took homemade chicken and noodles (he even made the noodles) both trips. He didn't want her care packages to stop just because mom wasn't here. He has switched from the huge church where they felt invisible, to a small chapel on the island and is slowly getting involved there. He survived the birthdays of 3 twenty-something granddaughters and made sure that each one had a special gift along with their check from grandpa and he proudly informed me that he has started his Christmas shopping! He is actually coming home for my sister's 50th birthday next week. We are really proud of him and my mom would be so happy with some of the things he has done.

     When my dad is here, my son is also here for most dinners. So, it becomes "boys night out" every night around here. I wanted to set a table for dinner tonight that looked like it was for the guys, but also reminded them that there is a woman in the house too!

     I've had this table runner (HomeGoods) for several months and couldn't really find a way to use it. When I decided to set a black and white table for tonight, I decided the pink would add that touch of whimsy that I love. Black round placemats (Kohls), white square American Atelier Bianca Leaf dinner plates (HomeGoods), round black plates (WalMart) and small Gorham Newport Scroll bread and butter plates with a touch of pink in them, create the table setting.

     I added black stemmed wine glasses (garage sale) and also black spotted tumblers (Macy's) along with the charcoal flatware that you have seen me use many times.

     For the center of the table, I took a cylinder vase and wrapped it with a piece of scrapbook paper for a slightly masculine look. The hot pink roses are from my yard. I used tape to secure the paper to the vase, it took about 2 minutes to create. I used 2 tall candles in Lenox crystal vases (thrift store) to keep the center of the table simple so we can visit.

     The napkins are dish cloths from Walmart.
They are pefect for a "manly" dinner.

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Mosaic Magpie said...

Looks like a table fit for a King! It is so great he is making such an effort to carry on your Mother's traditions. Glad he found a church where he is not invisable, that is so important.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, love the table; in fact, I want the tablerunner or at least to borrow it! Enjoy the time with your dad, and I hope you all share memories around the table. L

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sue Sweetie...
I am so thrilled that you sweet Daddy is coming to visit. Yes your Moma would be so proud, and I know she is close by guarding as he makes this trip driving for the first time without her. She would be so proud, he has stepped right up and continued where she left off, doing the birthdays and the other grandparent and parent duties. Home made noodles even. Oh Sue isn't he precious?

Your table is set for a King truly, and he will arrive in time for dinner. Won't he be SO surprised. It looks beautiful. I love the numbers page you covered the vase in. Really makes the pink roses pop. So pretty sweetie.

Just look at the china and stemware, love the idea of the washcloths for napkins. Most men need them before the meal is over don't they?

Those crystal Lenox candlesticks are the element of surprise. I love them. So pretty.

Now make sure you take a few pictures of everyone at the table. Especially the special guest. Enjoy the time together. He is lucky to have you, you know? You are a pretty special gal.

Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Sue, I am so happy for you to have your dad come visit. I can't believe he is driving that far by himself. I hope he has safe travels. Love the tablescape and the scrapbook paper on the cylinder is so very creative of you. It all looks fabulous! Enjoy your visit.

Unknown said...

So elegant, love the cute runner and the beautiful centerpiece!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your table is gorgeous. I really like the mix of the round and square dishes. It is so pretty and interesting. Your vase is perfect. The black with a touch of pink is wonderful for a manly dinner and just a touch of a reminder that a woman is in the house. I am so happy your dad is trying to create a new life for himself without your mom. That is such a hard thing to do, he is a very remarkable person. God Bless to all. Hugs, Marty

Unknown said...

Oh, a beauitful table Sue! Enjoy your time with your dear Dad :)


Glenda/MidSouth said...

What a pretty table setting! Glad your Father found a church he is happy in. He is braver than I am, as I would not drive that long of a trip by myself

dee dee said...

Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with us. I will continue to keep each of you in my prayers.

I just love your tablescape. I also love the way your dad has made his family a priority, both children and grandchildren. What a shining example of love!
dee dee

La said...

Enjoy your father's visit. Your table looks wonderful. La

Scribbler said...

First, I am sorry about your mother -- mine has been gone for quite a few years, but I miss her everyday. Second, your dad is to be commended for carrying on. Third, your table is wonderful.

I love the look of your blog -- and I will be back!

Marigene said...

Sue, your beautiful table is so elegant in black and white. I love the little bit of pink with it.
Your dad sounds like a wonderful man, not many even know when birthdays are, say nothing of doing any shopping.
Have a great weekend!

JUST ME said...

Love your dad. He sounds awesome.

Always love those tablescapes.

Gypsy Heart said...

Well, your Dad is truly amazing! I think he is really doing well although I know he misses your Mom terribly. His involvement in life is so wonderful as far as keeping his mind and body active. I know you and your family are pleased!

Your table is just my style...I think you know I love black & white. :-) Those white square plates are soooooo pretty! I hope that you all have a fabulous time while he's visiting...and yes, you're all still in my prayers.


Kathleen said...

Great job! You managed the manly with a dash of girly! :)
Safe trip to your dad, enjoy his stay!
My mom, who was widowed at 49, used to drive alone from NY to Fla until she was well into her 70's. We did worry though, and then later she would take the auto train.
It is good for them to be feisty!

Americana Lady said...

Your Dad is a brave man, you must be so proud of him! I love your table colors, very pretty! Joan

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

You are a good daughter to help your dad survive his widowhood. I went back to read about your Mum. It is only 4 months, and both your ( You and Dad) grieving is very raw.

I remember my Mum suddenly dying as a result of a car accident at 60, everyone hurt very much. We all tried to make Dad's life as happy as possible.

Your parents had 63 years together. That's a gift. The photo is such a happy one.

Barbara said...

Your table is just lovely. You are so clever to wrap that vase in scrapbooking paper. My heart goes out to your dad. I think it is wonderful that he is doing so much. He must be a remarkable man. We all have to grieve in our own way. It is so difficult. I know that you both must draw strength from each other.

Entertaining Women said...

My eyes are leaking right now. I love that though your mama was handling all those family the birthday presents and the Christmas shopping...your sweet daddy was paying attention to the process and therefore felt comfortable stepping in and continuing the traditions. That makes my heart beat with a measure of sweetness. I know that you mama is speaks to the honor that they held for each other and the love between them. Your tablescape is wonderful. The mix of geometrics and black and white was exactly right for a masculine eye. I think that geometric patterns appeal to men. The shot of pink was a wonderful signature for you to speaks to your sensibilities, too. Thank you for sharing your story and your charming design. Cherry Kay

Sophie said...

Oh, I want this setting, but I would do it up with a purple instead of pink....or maybe red!

Sue said...

Sue- I hope you and your family enjoy your dad's visit. What a trooper he is to make the trip. I think it's great that he has gotten involved with his new church and its activities. Hope you are enjoying beautiful fall weather- it has been glorious here in Ohio! Your table setting is so classy in black/white and the addition of the pink made it pop.
~ Sue

Angie said...

So great to hear that your dad is doing well! I love the pop of girly color from the table runner and flowers - great enhancement to the b&w table.