Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Interrupted-Met Monday

     The above picture pretty much sums up my life since Thursday. A big ugly bug came my way and knocked me for a loop. I'm not 100% yet, but at least I no longer feel as if I have been run over by a very large truck.

     We also had this going on at our house all weekend. Isn't he cute? Don't you just love them right after a bath?

Nothing says "trouble" quite like two innocent little boy faces!

Of course, there was also this little problem,
which wasn't repaired until Sunday afternoon.

     With all of that going on, what I hoped would be a completed Met. Monday project, is still a work in progress. I thought I'd share the early stages of what we are doing. Usually, if you are changing something, you tend to take away something you don't like and replace it with something you do like. In this case, the opposite is true. Our home is in a busy subdivision, but we are lucky enough to be on a field that is still farmer owned. Therefore, we don't have any houses behind us. It gives us a feeling of a much more open space. When we moved into our house almost 7 years ago, the back corner of our house had a small blue spruce tree...nothing else. We watched out little tree grow, we added some fencing around it for some climbing flowers and it became a favorite spot in our yard.

Our little tree last spring.

Wasn't she beautiful in her winter coat the year before?

     Last summer, after a series of drenching rains...our poor little tree died in a matter of days. We found out that blue spruce "don't like to have their feet too wet" and while that area of our yard is usually not under water, the deluge of rain quickly ended the life of our green family member. We couldn't cut her down. She had a nest that we wanted to allow to hatch and she became a perching place for the many hummingbirds that gather around our yard. So we let her stand proud through the summer, fall and even into winter. We filled her branches with suet balls and the birds fed on her during the cold months. But, last week it was time to let her go.

     We looked at other trees for the space, but most that we liked could also suffer the same fate if we had another heavy rain. So, we are adding more fencing and have picked out a beautiful climbing rose bush in a brilliant orange to put on the fence.

We hope the rose bush will quickly catch up with
the flowering climbing plants on the other fences.

     We miss our tree and we don't think this is a "better look" for our yard. It is however something that will hopefully offer us brilliant color throughtout the spring and summer, block a little of the view of the field and still be a haven for all those hummingbirds. I'll post the completed project soon. I had finally gotten caught up reading all of your blogs and then I had a weekend with no computer, so I will be coming around seeing what kept you all busy the past few days!

     I am linking this to Met Monday. Please join our hostess Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch to see all of the creative projects happening in Blogland.


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I had that nasty cold last week Sue, so I know just how you feel. I like the pretty rose bush but I bet you do miss that pretty blue spruce. Maybe you will find a better spot for one.
Hope you keep feeling better,

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I'm so sorry about your cold and your tree, Sue. I hope that those little boy faces made your cold feel much better. SO cute!

And I hope that your roses bring you much joy.


Sheila :-)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sorry you have been sick and hope you are on the mend. Also, sorry about your tree. Have a great week.

dee dee said...

I hope you start to feel better soon. Sorry you've been sick, esp. with such handsome company. I love the winter coat on you tree, she looked so regal, sorry for her untimely demise. I love the bright flowers, they always make me so happy!
Dee Dee

Unknown said...

Poor you, hope you feel better!!! and poor little green tree... I do however like the orange flowers and fence... hope it works and grows and does all those things for ya. Have a great day. Jenn

Natasha in Oz said...

You poor thing! I hope you feel better soon. That is so sad about your beautiful tree too.

Take care and best wishes for a speedy recovery,

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm so sorry you feel yucky ~ hoping it goes away soon! My head is splitting right now...changes in our weather. :-( Your flowers are so beautiful ~ I'm sure whatever you plant now will grow & bloom just as well. It's hard to lose a tree isn't it? The little ones are adorable! So precious...

Take good care, my friend! Sending you healing energy and a virtual cup of tea.


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Thanks for your sweet visit -- gosh - sorry that you've been feeling yucky - hope you and your computer are back in full swing now. Such cuties those boys are! I didn't bring back but a few shells this year -- but I tried to bring half of it with me last year -- I sure hope they get this oil spill under control soon - I hate to think of the poor water creatures and those beaches getting ruined. I know this Mother's Day has had to be a tough one, especially if you weren't feeling well. Take care and hope your pillow is extra fluffy!

xinex said...

Oh so sorry about the beautiful spruce, Sue. I would have cried if it were mine. But the orange climbing rose is a good substitute. Love the color!...Christine

xinex said...

Did you sign up for my giveaway yet?...Christine

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

So sorry to hear about your bad, bad bug, your internet being down and the loss of that beautiful tree!
But I love those precious little boys and your new rose bush! They are beautiful too!

Take good care of yourself!

Life Laugh Latte said...

Hubs had a bad flu bug last week. Luckily the weather was so good we could keep all of the doors and windows open. No one else got it! I love the smell of clean boys...Yummmm! Bath/pj time is the best. If you open an etsy store we will supply you with as many headbands as you like. I thought the double headband gave me some excellent lift that looked something like a "bump it". Holly:)