Monday, February 13, 2012

Bits and Pieces

     This is one of those blog posts that says very little because life hasn't been very creative the last few days. It has really been more of a mess! My husband is working on a project for me, but he has spent the past 3 weekends on it and we still aren't done. He is putting up open shelves on one wall in my "dish room". I saw a picture on Pinterest and asked if he could duplicate it without spending any money. He did have the boards for the shelves, but we had to buy the wooden brackets to support the shelves and a few other smaller items. It isn't going to be as perfect as the picture because his boards were 2 different sizes, but I think it will be a vast improvement. I will actually be able to see more of my things and we will get rid of a few pieces of furniture in that room. As of now, everthing from the dish room is all over the basement. Pictures soon (I hope).

     I took Kim @ Savvy Southern Style's  brand advice and bought a steamer for our tile and wood floors this weekend. I used it yesterday and while I'm not sure the floors look any different, I certainly feel as if they had a deep cleaning. I found the Hahn machine on sale at Carson's. There was one slight problem. When I was getting ready to steam, I picked up the 2 sets of dog bowls and put them in the laundry room sink to wash them. I plugged the sink, turned on the hot water, shut the door and proceeded to steam the floor. You see where this is going?? About half way through the hardwood floor steaming I heard a water sound and remembered what I'd done. I flooded the laundry room, the basement below it and even the garage where it came through the wall somehow. My husband wasn't home, but luckily he was within reach. Duh. I haven't done anything that dumb in quite a while.

     I wanted to mention that I'm still using the Mindful Mineral products that I wrote about here and I still think they are the best products that I've ever used. I've even had friends comment on my skin recently. I swear I'm not on the payroll, I just love sharing something with you when I really believe in it.

     I spent much of the weekend watching the coverage of Whitney Houston's death. We lose famous people all the time and I always feel badly for the family, but rarely does the passing of someone famous stop me in my tracks. This one did. I have Whitney's first album, her last and many in-between. In my opinion, she had the best female voice of my generation and while her last album doesn't compare to her earlier ones, I was still hopeful for her. In her prime no one was better or more beautiful. I hope that is her legacy and not the troubles of her last years. I heard Robin Roberts on GMA say that "a daughter lost a mother and a mother lost a daughter". I hope the media remembers that in the following days.

    We are supposed to have our first real snow storm of the season later today. The flurries have just started and after a few inches they are mentioning ice. Hopefully, they are wrong. So, how was you weekend?


dee dee said...

Sorry to hear about the "flood". It sounds like your week has been similar to mine. Whitney's death can really get you to stop and wonder "What will people remember about me when I pass? What do I want them to remember? How do I live to have the most impact on the lives of others?" All food for thought. I saw an interview with one of Whitney's friends this morning and found it comforting that this friend was praising her for being supporting and caring... it sounds like she touched lives!
Can't wait to see your dish room!
Dee Dee

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Sue Sweetie...
Happy Valentine's Day my precious friend. I was just thinking of you when your post came up.

I can't wait to see what DH has done for you with your shelves. I know it will be special and you will love it. I love it when DH does special things for me as well.

Flooded the basement hu? Oh sweetie I am LOL. I left the tub running one night while on the phone. I could have choked myself.

Happy Valentine's Day sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Glenda/MidSouth said...

The minute I read "plugged the sink, turned on the hot water and closed the door", I said a word, that I won't type. Sounds like something I would do lately. I am so sorry !:( Hope you did not end up with a lot of damage. Looking forward to seeing your dish room. I am still trying to create a new jewelry workspace, that is going no where.
Sleeting here now, but temps suppose to be back up tomorrow.
Enjoy your evening and stay warm.

Blondie's Journal said...

You have had a lot going on! So sorry about the flood. It really could have happened to anyone {especially me}.

I am excited for you and the shelves. I could so use some, for dishes and books and storage!! But I need walls to put them on! I'm looking forward to seeing them.

It's such a shame about Whitney Houston. I was not a fan like you, but with all of the reports about Heather Locklear and Demi Moore, it does seem that alcohol and drugs are being used and abused by so many women and I fear it's not just in Hollywood either. I hope it is a wake up call. I know the world has lost a beautiful and talented lady.

We are supposed to have rain and ice tonight, too. Thankfully, I don't have to be anywhere.


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Oh, no that sounds like quite the flood. I love the way our floors feel after I use that cleaner. Whitney did have the best voice out there and I was hoping for a new album.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Wanted to say hi. Had a few minutes to catch up this am.

Such a tragedy about Whitney.

Hope you're enjoying snow.

Red Couch Recipes said...

Water issues are the worst! Sorry about that one! Great that you are getting a place to store your dishes! Yippee!! I saw Whitney Houston in concert in the 80's -- what a great performer and how sad to die so soon! Joni

bj said...

OMYGOSH, nothing worse than water/flood issues.
Anxious to see your new shelves.

Poor Whitney....she had it all until she had Bobby Brown.