Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Good, The Bad and the Pretty

     I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. I had a very nice day and our weather was perfect. I'll start this with "the pretty". Some people don't believe that husbands should buy wives Mother's Day gifts, and every year I tell my husband not to...but, he ignores me. This year, one of my gifts from him made me so happy!
     There was a time that getting something for the house would not have been my idea of a gift...but do you see that photo above of my new doormat...I couldn't be happier. When I made the wreaths for the front of the house for this year, I had in mind what kind of doormat I wanted to put outside with them. I couldn't find one anywhere. We have looked in countless stores, on our trip, online and I finally bought a mat that I really didn't like just to get something out there. I guess my husband was listening because if I had designed my own, it would have looked just like the one he found! Woo Hoo!

     You may remember that I decided to use oranges and yellows on the front porch this year. That was an entirely new look for me.

     I decided to add in one deep purple plant in each pot just for a little contrast. Of course it is the purple that is taking off like crazy.

     The soft orange in my hanging basket is so pretty.
I really hope I can keep it alive all summer!
The sweetheart rose bush was a Mother's Day gift from my dad.

     The lantern is a recent purchase from Z Gallerie. It was on the sale table for $15 because the glass was broken out of it. It was also white wood. A can of spray paint and you would never know it isn't metal. I didn't want to spend much on the front porch this year because the front step that you can't see in the pictures was just replaced for $500. It isn't decorative, but the old step separated from the porch (it evidently wasn't installed properly when the house was built) and it was gradually sinking. Nothing like spending a lot of money on a slab of concrete! 

    The "good" is that it is almost time for an exciting event for our family. My beautiful niece is getting married in just over 3 weeks. It is the first wedding we've had on my side of the family and it is going to be wonderful. She is getting married at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, outside on a Saturday evening. My main focus has been figuring out how to wear a cocktail dress without high heels. I won't last in heels more than 30 minutes. So, I've been collecting jeweled sandals and sparkly flats to take with me. My dad is driving home, my daughter is flying in and hopefully, everything will just fall into place. 

    The bad...our older beagle is in her last days. In fact, we just can't figure out how she is still here. We are in the third week of what we thought would take just a few days. She woke up a little over 2 weeks ago and her front legs were barely working. One paw is turned under and she walks as if she is drunk. She is only eating a few bites and taking a sip or two of water daily. She is so thin. She isn't in any pain and at this point we have opted to try to keep her comfortable at home and let her pass away on her own in the place she is happy. We evaluate that decision every day. If she shows any sign of pain, we will have her put down, but she is so afraid of the vet and she seems to still enjoy being held and sitting in the grass with that beagle nose taking in all the spring smells. She will be 16 in June and has had a long, happy life. Even the wild, baby beagle seems to sense what is happening as she is no longer jumping on her "big sister". She is however, jumping on everything else in the house and chewing on things and biting at us when we try to keep her controlled. So, she will be starting obedience classes in July!

Hope you all have a great day!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Like your mat a lot and it fits right in with your beautiful flowers. I have always liked the purple and yellow combination in flowers. Your niece is so pretty - congratulations to the couple. The wedding sounds like it is going to be so nice.
I am so sorry your sweet baby is not doing well. (((hugs)))

dee dee said...

Well, give congrats to "your man" for his wonderful doormat find! It is almost like he had it specially made just for you! Since Wayne is my height... I often wear flats... I hope you find the perfect pair! So sorry to hear that pup is not doing well.... I'm praying for you all!
dee dee

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Sue, I love the mat. I need a new one, too. How nice if the hubby to get that. I am so sorry about your doggie. I watched my cat deteriorate like that for weeks and then on the last day I knew that was it. Sounds like a great wedding coming up.

Barbara F. said...

Sue, I feel so bad for the older dog. I think it is wonderful to keep her home, as long as she is not in pain or suffering. I love the color combo for your porch. The mat fits in very well. Great shot of the moon. xo

NanaDiana said...

Your new mat is gorgeous. Funny how our tastes change over time, isn't it? I like getting home gifts now, too.

I am so sorry about your poor baby...and she is your baby even at 16. It is never, ever easy to lose a pet. I am glad she is not suffering and I think as long as she is comfortable you are wise to keep her home..where she knows she is loved.

Blessings-xo Diana

Traci said...

Your flowers look so pretty! I'm especially jealous of how your purple petunias have taken off. Mine lasted a couple of weeks & are completely dead. So sorry to hear about your poor Beagle. I had a dog for 16 years too. It's very hard.

PAT said...

The mat is perfect Sue!

I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Beagle.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Sue,
Love your door mat, it is really pretty and definitely goes beautifully with all you have out there on the porch. Don't you love when your hubby does that and you knew he was really listening. That is a bell ringer for sure!! lol
All your plants looks so pretty with that purple contrast.
Sounds like that is gonna be a very
nice wedding. What a nice setting,
and so nice your daughter and dad are coming to visit and go with you.
So sorry to hear about your doggie,
he does look like he is resting comfortably thankfully, but
I know it makes your heart sad,
I remember when we lost ours....we did have to have him put to sleep, cause he had a tumor on his spine and was in a lot of pain. We chose to stay with him while they did it,
and I am so glad we did, cause he went very peacefully while we were petting him. We hardly even knew when it happened it was so fast,
and now he is guarding our mansion in heaven and waiting for us to get there! That will be another great reunion when we get there.
Will be praying for yall cause they are such a part of the family when you have had them so long. It was 16 yrs. for us too.

Well hon, take care,
Love and prayers, Nellie

Gypsy Heart said...

Well, I'm sitting here in tears about your baby girl. Just breaks my heart when we have to let them go.

Yes, you do have some "pretties" and the mat is perfect! Loving the colors too. Not sure why but I'm all over yellow this year.