Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just a Little Show and Tell...Table Top Tuesday

     So many bloggers are really good at sharing all parts of their homes with us. I realized recently that I haven't done as much of that as most of you. I don't know why that is. I guess I'm a little private and very eclectic in my style. I'm one of those "less is more" people, so I don't have every space filled with wonderful things. I also lean a bit more contemporary than many of my fellow bloggers. However, I am adding touches of things I've never used before after seeing so many of your beautiful homes. I also love anything related to the sea, as you might have noticed in my laundry room redo yesterday...there are shells and little bits of "beach" scattered all through my home. I have new furniture mixed with antique family pieces and my only decorating rule is to use things that make me happy.

     Right now, this sterling tray is making me happy. I used it in my tablescape last week and I simply didn't want to put it away. So, I decided to try it on my library table. The table belonged to my grandparents and it sits at the top of the open staircase that leads to our basement. I added my Willow Tree angel, a gift from my parents. You can see she is listening to the sea in her conch shell, a sprig of azalea seemed to soften the look of the candleholders which I purchased a few years ago in Charleston, SC.

     I wanted to show you the rest of the table. Sometimes I use a runner on it, but in general I like it without. The sculpture piece was also purchased in Charleston at the same time as the candlesticks. The pottery vase in the center of the table I just bought at an art show in Florida. I haven't decided what to put in it yet, or if I will leave it as is. I may even move it off this table entirely, not sure yet. I'm thinking that maybe the tall piece should be near the wall with the tray on the opposite end. I need to look at this for a while.

     The vase has a bit of an interesting story. The artisan show in Sarasota was a large one. There were many artists and several of them sold pottery. We actually went the first weekend I was in Florida and truthfully, my heart wasn't in it...but, I needed to get away from the hospital for a while. My sister was also in town at the same time. We both went to the show at different times and met back at the hospital later. She told me she only bought one thing, as shopping just wasn't something we felt like doing. When she said she bought a piece of pottery, I knew what had happened. Out of all of the booths, all of the pottery artists...we picked the same one, the same pattern. Her vase is round, mine is tall...sisters think alike!

     I also wanted to show you my new canister set. MY HUSBAND BOUGHT IT! Now this might not be an unusual thing at your house...but, at mine this is big news. On our way home from Florida we stopped at Cracker Barrel and I stopped briefly at the display that was all beach related. As I headed for the restroom I said to him, "cool canisters on the beach table" just in passing. When I came out of the restroom, he said he bought them. My kitchen really doesn't have blue in it, but because most things in it are coffee/cappuccino related, using a color works. When I asked my husband what made him buy a canister set (I haven't had one for decades) he said he liked it. He liked the way the starfish matched other things in the house. My blog is having an effect on my husband...so strange, but aren't they pretty?

     Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life is our hostess for Table Top Tuesday. Take a moment to visit her, it is a great place to get ideas for little vignettes for your home.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I love your library table, so pretty and your vignette is lovely. The tray, iron finial and the vase are all just gorgeous. I so know what you mean about moving things a million times. Seems like every time I walk by something I wonder if this should be there or moved here. I think your vignette is lovely. I really like the canister set too and the lids with the beautiful starfish knobs are stunning. What a thrill that your DH bought them for you. That would be huge news at my house too. Thanks so much for joining the party. This is such fun. Hugs, Marty

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Love your coastal touches, the vase is beautiful!! And I'm very much a "less is more" person! So I don't have much stuff around (and not much to show either on my blog).

Life Laugh Latte said...

So sweet of your husband. I love the little wooden angel. I have a nativity from the same artist that I keep up all year because it makes me happy. You sound like you have been very busy lately. I needed a huge break from blogging. It just wasn't making me happy anymore. I think I have my priorities back now, and so I'm just slowly getting back into the parts of it I love. Thanks for checking in. Missed you too. Holly

Glenda/MidSouth said...

i like your pretty vignette on the table and really like those canisters. I almost went to Cracker Barrel for lunch today. Probably a good thing I did not. :D

bj said...

I love your pretty table and the vignette..
I haven't been to Cracker Barrel in quite awhile..Mr. Sweet THINKS he doesn't like eating there...I THINK he doesn't want me shopping there!! lol

Tricia said...

How fun that your husband is getting in on the tablescaping, too! Those ARE gorgeous canisters. Love your silver tray -- by all means keep it on display!

Terri Smith said...

Love the gorgeous canisters! And the Library Table is beautiful! Cute story about the vase..I totally agree that sisters think alike. And Sweet Sue..you would have to mention Cracker Barrel..now for sure I'll have their goodies on my mind until I break down and go get a few. Ha ha ha There's one about 10 minutes from my front door.

Blessings, Joy & Tuesday Sunshine, Terri

Pat said...

Beautiful table top, Sue! The pottery piece you bought is lovely. The canister set is awesome! Quite nice that your husband decided you needed it. :-) LOVE the starfish too. Thanks so much for sharing!


dee dee said...

How cool that you and your sister picked the same artist and pattern!... Love it! I also love your table. Our styles seem so similar.
What a sweet hubby to buy you a just because gift! Love, Love, Love the sea blue color!
Dee Dee

Nancy's Notes said...

Sue, what a lovely vignette! I love the blue canisters, they are just so pretty! I too have always been sort of private, now there are so many fun parties, so there I go! Fun!

Have a great evening.


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Very pretty Sue! You know how we all love to see the inside of other peoples houses. It's just so fun! And I so love those canisters, what a sweet hubby!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh wow... a sterling silver tray! I have serious envy. LOVE those blue canisters, too... so very pretty. Thanks! I'm visiting from Marty's! Cass

Maria said...

Hi Sue! Oh aren't Willow Tree angels so sweet... I've been given a few over the years... {they all hang out together in the sunroom}
I love the color of your walls... so warm and soft. This kind of color makes for a beautiful canvas for everything in the house!

How fun for your husband to buy those canisters... That's GREAT of him! and they're really nice - a gorgeous shade of blue!
*Blessings always*

Sandra said...

Sue, how sweet of your hubby to have bought those canisters for you. I think they are beautiful. Love everything you shared with us.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Thanks for your sweet visit. What a great husband you have! Love your pretty new canisters. How fun that you and your sister picked the same pottery - it's so pretty I can certainly see why.

Natasha said...

That is so sweet of your husband to buy those beautiful cannisters! I know what you mean about your hubby too-the other day we were out having lunch and my hubby said "you should take a picture of that for your blog"!!!!I couldn't believe it!

Everything looks lovely.

Best wishes,

Julie@beingRUBY said...

ok.. so now I love your husband too.. well not love love.. but you know what I mean.. .firstly he has good taste.. and second what a sweet way to bring a bit of happiness into our day..... I love blue glass.. no surprise.. and love both these canisters and the blue glass in the previous post... good work Hubby!!! xx Julie