Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blogging and Husbands Don't Mix

My husband had 4 days off  for Thanksiving.
 I'm having a very Hard time getting around to Writing anything.
We have been trying to get some Shopping done.
I have the Tree almost decorated.
 The Wreath done for inside the house.
He's been working on the outside Lights.
Today we will visit taking a Drive
to put the evergreen "pillows" on my Grandparent's graves.
I'm not finding much Time to read all of your blogs.
 I will try to Catch up in the next few days.
I hope you are all having a Wonderful weekend.


xinex said...

I left a coment earlier but it got lost. Anyway, looks like you are just as busy as I am, Sue. I finished decorating a big tree, a medium sized one and a little one. I have 2 more small ones to go. I also finished 2 mantels. One more to go! But I am already getting exhausted....Christine

Jenglamgirl said...

You will eventually get all your decorating done. I had to take breaks today.. there was so much.. plus little ones too. "WOW" your tree topper and bow making is FABULOUS.. you are right' you make them too, and I love the idea of twigs and other pieces coming out of the bow tree topper. Love THE GARLAND of gifts you did too, so classy! My mom will appreciate your compliment... I will be sure and tell her a blog friend complimentd her. She works hard so that will be a pick me up for her. Have a wonderful night, and thanks so much for your visits! ;)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Sue
I see you are busy too. I've got to say I haven't even thought about xmas yet and no doubt I will sleep through it.

I love you tablescape in the post before. It looks very warm and cozy. Was that your Thanksgiving? As you know we don't celebrate that here and it's a good thing or I would of worked through that too!!

Well thank you for your constant support over my way... it means a great deal to me!!

Take care and my turn to say ... get some rest
xx Julie

Michelle@Sweet Something said...

Hi Sue, Busy Lady!
It was wonderful weather here today too, I had to decorate for a client today, hanging garlands and wreaths (outside), etc, and the weather was great for that kind of work! I hope you post about all you and husband have accomplished.

Relyn said...

Blogging or no, I trust your weekend was fantastic. Mine was. So restful, thank God!!

koralee said...

Life is busy during this Season....I feel I need to get cracking on my house decorating!! I look at all these lovely blogs that homes are all done and I feel so far behind. This week for sure.

FrugalMom said...

I know what you mean. I hope you are having a great holiday weekend.

dee dee said...

Sometimes I think my poor husband thinks he is a blogging widower! I hope this time together has been fun and productive!
Dee Dee

nannykim/spindlecottage said...

It is a busy time of the year and I think we all will find it hard to keep up with blogging!! I have decorating to do too and I am behind because of our vacation.....hopefully I will get in the mood soon!

The Secret Ingredient said...

Lol, most hubbies think blogging is a waste of time, or at least playing on our part. I guess it is all about balance and it sounds like you have it all in order, time for life and time to blog. ;0) I love your posts. I think bloggers just enjoy sharing and I can appreciate that. Merry Christmas, everyone! Lisa (you can find me at):

The Secret Ingredient said...

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