Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Touch of Spring

     Spring has arrived at Chez Sue, even if the weather outside doesn't feel like spring at all as I'm typing this. You know for many years, I didn't change my "knick-knacks" for the seasons. I had certain things that set out in my house, on the tables, mantels or kitchen cabinets and other than when I put out Christmas decorations...they just stayed there. On occasion I would get something new and put something I had in a garage sale or donate it...but, my house had its decorations and they rarely changed.
     When my children were young, I would put out Valentine, Easter, Halloween decorations...along with my "normal" things. After they left, I only decorated for Christmas. Then came blogging. I was inspired by things I was seeing on other blogs. I was bored with seeing the same old, same old on a daily basis. I started putting away Christmas and leaving out winter. Winter would be put away and spring/Easter would show up...until some of that was switched around for summer. When the beachy things of summer were tucked away...the pumpkins came out...you get the picture.
     Some of you may be thinking that you don't have the time, money or "stuff" to make these changes. It really isn't true. What you don't have, what I didn't have, was the energy or inspiration to do it. What I want to share with you today is that it requires very little time to make small changes in your home and the payoff is worth it. You don't have to have lots of new things. You can pick up a few things at GoodWill or the Dollar Store. If you don't want to spend any money at all...move things around. Grab a box or a tub and put some things away for a while. Move bedroom things into the living room and vice-versa. Swap the lamps around, stack some books and sit something on them. For spring, a simple DIY project is to take some of those plastic eggs we all have and Mod Podge some pretty tissue paper on them. Put them in a basket or a glass vase or jar (click here for easy instructions). You may remember that last year I put colored sugar and sprinkles in Dollar Tree jars for spring...easy and cute!
     I don't suggest these changes because you want to impress others or even write blog posts. I suggest this because it will make you feel better. Small changes in our environment can truly change our mood. When I put out spring things a few days ago, it was in the 20's, snowing and gray. When I looked outside, I got the blues. When I looked around my house, the brighter colors and changed table tops made me feel good. It was worth the time and effort. I am glad that I no longer let myself be stuck in the same old stuff rut. You should try it!

The small tables (above photo) and this birdhouse are new.
I fell in love with them.
You can read about where I got them further in the post.
A vintage bird that was found in my in-law's things.

I stuck a flowered egg that I had in
a small pot and "instant topiary"!
     We have a new shop in our small town. The husband of the woman who owns it is from England and they advertise it as an English Antique shop. All of their items come from their trips to England. The first time I went to Union Jack Antiques it was because my husband made me. I had no interest in adding any antiques to my home. We have way too many, most of which are stored and not being used. He loves antiques and wanted to see the English imports. Imagine my surprise (and pleasure) at finding that the store carries more than antiques! Jessica has a great eye for decorating and for purchasing wonderful items. It takes alot to impress me and I was very impressed! I was going to write about the store before Christmas, but I decided to wait until they had a place I could link to the post. Below are a few pictures I took before the holidays. Isn't that chest just perfect? It was still in the shop when I was there last weekend. Love it! They also carry delicious imported teas and food items. Click the link above to their Facebook page...you can see more of their spring items.

I am joining Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life for The Scoop
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Cass @ That Old House said...

You are so right, and thanks! I needed a bit of a kick in the pants to refresh my house's decor ... out with the winter, in with the spring.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Pretty Spring vignette! Looks like a lot of eye candy in the shop - thanks for sharing it with us.
One of several reason I started a blog was to help me get more motivated to change things up around my home, decorate/freshen up the look more, I did pretty good there for a while, but then I started black sliding and back in a rut. :/

Blondie's Journal said...

I love your spring goodies, the little bird and birdhouse are really, really cute! I know what you mean about having spring things out and making you happy even if it's gloomy outside. I think I was (and am) the sort that was always fiddling with things. I loved to move furniture around and change table tops. But for the most part, decorating for holidays and seasons was accomplished just by adding a few things (well, except for Christmas) and not really removing anything. If anything, blogging made me get a lot more creative and take my time putting together vignettes and displays. And I keep an eye out for thrifty finds for my decor which has been really helpful.

That shop looks incredible! I'd have a lot of fun there! That chest if gorgeous, wish I had a place for it!!


A Few Pennies said...

Pretty posting; love your ideas and thoughts on decorating. I find a lot of creative bloggers with fabulous ideas for my own home and got some sweet ideas from your blog too. Have a great week!