Monday, February 11, 2013

My Favorite Skin Care Line Gets Even Better

     You may remember when I wrote a post about Mindful Minerals right after I discovered the products. You can read that post here. Let me start out this post the way I did the last one by making it clear that I don't work for them, I don't sell the products, I don't get paid or compensated in any way for telling you about this stuff. I just really love it and I like sharing information when I find something I love. All the women in my life got gifts of this for their birthdays or Christmas this year and they all love it. I have been using the products for quite a while now and they work. Enough said. 
     I hadn't been in the store in Orlando for a while. I stocked up quite a bit the last time I had been there and then I also placed an online order, but I was out of a few items and I also couldn't wait to talk to Melissa and see the new line. Most of the original products are still available (you can read about them on the linked post above) but there are a few new items as well as some updates to the originals. I thought I'd tell you about the new products I bought and what I think of them. 
     Mindful Minerals is a product line that offers 100% pure natural products at affordable prices. It helps with acne, psoriasis, eczema, arthritis and aging skin by using the minerals found in the Dead Sea. The products are free of preservatives and additives and maintain purity while naturally preserving the product. The products contain 21 minerals found in the Dead Sea, 12 of which are found in no other ocean or sea–unlike users of competitive products who are sometimes exposing themselves to harmful phthalates, parabens, preservatives and artificial fragrance.
     In plain English, this stuff works! The new cleanser, “Get Even” Dead Sea Exfoliating Cleanser, I love. It makes my skin feel so clean and smooth and the light natural scent is great. American Spa Magazine just named "Get Even" Exfoliating Cleanser as their 2013 Best Pick for hyper-pigmentation and acne. Melissa describes this product as a micro-scrub with willow bark, lactic acid and sugar cane, “Get Even” stimulates cell turnover, decongests pores and helps to even out the complexion, while protecting the skin with natural humectants and fatty acids that sooth and heal. Rich with Dead Sea minerals, “Get Even” is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial and may show benefit to sufferers of acne, while the cranberry fruit extract helps fight free-radical damage. This is easier to use that the dead sea salt product that we mixed with water as it comes ready to use in a tube.  
     The new mask, Triple Fusion Masque, is to use in place of the plain mud that we previously mixed with water. I did notice that the dry mud is still available at the store. I loved the old mud, so I wasn't sure how I would feel with using the new one. I also have several jars of the dry mud that I will continue to use. I do love this product. Again, it is easier to use and less messy for one thing. The first time I used it, it was thinner than I was used to mixing my mud mask, but I adapted quickly to that. This product (and the original mud mask) is amazing. It literally changes the color of your skin after one use because it pulls all the dead skin and impurities from your face and body. You are left with skin as soft as a baby's. This new product is described as follows: Dead Sea Mud, French Riviera Green Clay & Volcanic Ash. A fusion of our mineral rich muds from the Dead Sea, volcanic ash and Green Clay mined from the French Mediterranean rock quarries, this completely natural, organic material has over 35 minerals and trace elements to deep clean and detoxify the skin. The micro-molecules of this clay combination have powerful absorbing qualities literally “drinking” toxins, oils and impurities from your skin. The toning action stimulates circulation bringing fresh blood to damaged skin cells, revitalizing the complexion and tightening pores. I will add that it smells pretty much like mud would be expected to smell!
     They brought out a toner, Get Clear, 21 Mineral Cranberry Toner. I hadn't used a toner in years, but I find that it is a very simple way to clean my face quickly when I'm feeling a bit lazy. I don't have acne, but it is supposed to be a wonderful product for those who do. Melissa offered the suggestion that I used gauze instead of a cotton ball because it will also help smooth out the skin. (I confess, I haven't remembered to pick up gauze and I'm still using a cotton ball). This product is described as: treatment toner and an in-a-pinch cleanser addresses two concerns: acne and hyper-pigmentation. This clever formula has the perfect blend of minerals and botanicals to help rid yourself of acne and even out your complexion. Dead Sea minerals calm and reduce irritation.
     I love the new moisturizer, Get Carded Anti-Aging Moisturizer. What is wonderful is that it can be used day and night, so you don't have to have 2 separate products. It is light, has a very slight natural scent that is pleasant and feels good on my face. The actual description: Skip the Botox but don’t forget your I.D. Pioneering the future of anti-aging treatments, a propriety formula of Dead Sea Minerals and the innovative MATRIXYL® synthe’6™ Tri-Peptide stimulates the synthesis of 6 major structural component molecules of the skin visibly smoothing facial wrinkles.
     I was also able to bring home their newest product. At the time, they had just gotten it in and my bottle doesn't even have a label on it. Melissa told me how to use it and I didn't know what it was going to be called until it appeared on the website. On the day we were in the store, Melissa said it was all she had on her face, no makeup base and her skin looked great. She had cystic acne before using her products and you would never know it now. It is a creamy product that goes on over your moisturizer and under make-up if you decide you still need make-up. It isn't quite white and you apply it and rub it in and it leaves a smooth layer on your skin. It isn't sticky and you don't know you have it on. BB CC Cream is described as a 10 in 1 cream. Clearly Beautiful releases wrinkles, hydrates skin, primes, conceals, reduces hyper-pigmentation, inhibits acne, balances, mineralizes and nourishes the skin, while preventing further damage with 100% natural sun block!  
     I also bought some natural soaps and the most delicious Body Butter with a Bergamot and Grapefruit scent that smells so good I want to pour it over ice and drink it! 
     I guess you can tell that I'm like a kid in a candy store when I visit Melissa at her Orlando location. Mindful Mineral products are used and sold in upscale spas (at much higher prices). I love that I can get the same products and take advantage of some of Melissa's special offers. Check out the webpage or their facebook page. If you have any questions, call them and speak to Melissa. Feel free to tell her you read about them on I Need Mom! 


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Suz,
Yes, I love their products too, I seem to use the exfoliating bar the most. This was a good reminder I need to use my mask, I haven't for awhile. The new mud mask sounds much easier to use, which means you will probably use it probably when I run out I will try that out.
Thanks for the update....
Hope you are doing well, was about to come over to see if you were okay since I hadn't seen you post since last week.
Blessings hon, and have a
Happy Valentines day!

Haven't gotten my cookies yet, but will let you know when they arrive, am hoping for Valentines Day!! lol
Again Thanks......

bj said...

ummm...this all sounds wonderful. I hope to try some of it sometime.
I'm trying to play catchup on some of my favorite the time we finish working on the house(s), I am too tired at night to visit.
Here it is, 10:45 tonight and I'm just visiting all over the place. :)
xo bj

Nellie's Cozy place said...

HI Suz,
I am so excited, I got the cookies
and cookbook today, and loved them
both. Oh my, you were so right about how good these babies are.....
amazingly good and my fav kind too.
I did a blog post today about it so be sure to come and see it.
Blessings, Nellie

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