Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wreath Making 101

     I was asked again to explain how to make a wreath and have it look "different" like mine. I recently made a wreath for a someone very special and it was simple enough that I thought it might be good for a tutorial. I wanted to wait until it reached her before showing pictures.

     Most of the wreaths I make for myself tend to have lots of "stuff" on them. Of course you can do that when you are matching your own decor. In this case, I was sending a wreath to someone and I had no idea what color scheme she used in her home. I had never shipped a wreath and I had no idea what shape it would be in when it arrived, so I took the "less is more" approach, thinking that anything I added might fall off or get broken as it bumped across the states.

     I started with a simple wreath and sprayed it with a dusting of "snow". It is important to fluff all the branches when you buy a plain wreath, they tend to be flattened when you buy them.

     For me, the secret is in the ribbon. I used 2 wired ribbons for this wreath. One is silver and gold, the other a simple silver. I put one ribbon on top of the other and made a large bow. You can learn step by step how to make a florist style bow here. I think many times you see people take a wreath and stick one bow at the bottom. I like my bows to be off center, slightly to the side. I also like to add more than one bow...I find it more interesting that way.

     After getting the bow in place, I like to add some "pretties". For this wreath, I kept it simple. A few pinecones, some sparkly leaves and berries.

     For the top of the wreath, another smaller bow and the streamers. The streamers are what I think give a wreath that professional look. Rather than just let the tails of the ribbon hang down, I like to weave them through the wreath. I add a drop of glue with the glue gun to hold each loop in place. I also cut my ribbon ends at a diagonal, some people like to notch the ribbon ends. Just a matter of taste I guess.

     I think it always improves the look of a wreath to have what I call "sticky-outy things" somewhere on the wreath. That is my own professional term. Tells you a lot about how professional I'm NOT. For this wreath, a few gold twigs wired together into 2 bunches are inserted from both sides of the larger bow.

     If you have something that ties in with your decor, or in this case something that is special to the recipient you can add it at the end. I chose a silver butterfly for my friend. Butterflies have a special meaning to her.

A closer look at the twigs coming out of the bow.

The finished piece. I like to hang them with the bows
off center, once again a personal choice.

This is one that is more ornate.
I made it a couple of years ago for inside the house.
This year I pulled it back out and hung it on the front door.
As you can see, it is almost completely covered with "stuff".

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Sue, those are beautiful. I have gotten lazy and just hung my huge one up with just bells attached. May have to work on that. Thanks for linking up.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good Morning my Dear friend...and yet another great Sue post...Girl thank you so much for sharing the how to...your wreaths is as beautiful as everything you do...I have been thinking about you and your Dad lately...I pray all is well with him and you I know beacuse I have been there how hard the first Christmas after your lost can be...I won't tell you it gets easier because that would be a lie...In fact this is the time of year I miss my mama the most sighs...But I have all these fond memories of her...
Sue my Mama loved any thing with hearts on it as I do...and my Dad gave her a beautiful diamond heart necklace for her 60 BD...Girl I wear it only on special days with my family, weddings,showers what ever and each time I wear it for those special occasions I feel like I have my mama there with me enjoying her family still...At Thanksgiving when my grand daughter seen it around my neck she just picked it up and kissed it and said Hello Great grandma...Any hoo don't mean to get all mushy on you girl ha ha!! love ya my dear friend...always know that I am here for you...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

dee dee said...

Think you can make me one too? ;)
Dee Dee

shopannies said...

thanks so much for sharing your blog has a lovely background and your post was very useful

Monica H said...

Those are beautiful wreaths and I love all your litte terms for the "stuff" :-)

Donnie said...

Thanks for the tutorial. That looks a lot like the one Sherry received from a precious is lovely.

Blondie's Journal said...

They're both very pretty, Sue. And you do have a way with ribbon and bows!!


xinex said...

You do make gorgeous wreaths, Sue. Thanks for the turorial...Chistine

Kathleen said...

You know Tate's is where I live? Kathleen started selling her cookies from her dad's (Tate)farm, , when she was a teen. I can walk to it. So funny seeing it on several blogs!
Your wreath is beautiful!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sue Sweetie...
How wonderful to share your wreath making with everyone. I am SO darn tickled. It is a tutorial no housewife should be without. Your talents are endless, and you know I can just see your sweet Momma just smiling away as you worked your magic on my wreath of love. I will cherish it forever. I may have to ask for new ribbons for each holiday. I just don't think I want to ever take it down. It is SO beautiful and brings me such joy.

I am SO tickled that I was able to do your gift justice with my post, and that you loved the song as much as I did. I just love you my friend. You will have a special place in my heart forever. We are forever connected.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Awesome job on the wreath!! That is what I did to mine. I took everything old off and started new with budget friendly pieces!! I love the idea of spraying a dusting of snow!!